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Culinary Arts Programs

A culinary arts program enables students to establish a thriving career in one of the fastest growing sectors – the Food Industry. It is an interesting and rewarding career for individuals who love cooking and related disciplines. A culinary arts program enables you to satisfy your fervor for cooking at a professional level. A number of regular as well as online schools offer culinary arts programs. A culinary arts program may focus on a number of areas related to cookery. These may include professional baking and pastry, catering and food science. You can also enroll in a culinary arts program that specializes in hospitality management or food styling and media. Some other training programs in culinary arts include dietetics, food research and food sales and marketing. Other than these trainings, a student can also earn a degree in culinary arts.

Featured Programs

Culinary Arts Degrees
An Associate’s Degree takes two years to complete. In this culinary arts program, you learn various aspects related to cooking. Courses include professional cooking, baking and pastry as well as food and beverage management. Hotel management is also a part of this program. A Bachelor’s Degree program takesfour years for completion. There are a number of subjects that you cover in this program including hotel management, culinary management as well as convention and meeting planning. Food and beverage operations are another important subject in this program. You will also learn numerous aspects related to international hospitality management.

Careers and Salaries
Completing a culinary arts program enables you to pursue a lucrative career in food industry. You can find employment in several capacities depending on your expertise as well as your specialization. You can work as a chef or caterer. One can also get a job as a restaurant cook. Students who wish to get into higher positions can work as executive chefs as well as food and beverage managers. You must know that the salaries in the food industry greatly vary. Earning a degree in Culinary Arts exposes you to numerous job opportunities but the precise salary scale is determined by a number of factors. These include:

  • Your Qualification, experience and specialization
  • City or town where you find a job 
  • Your place of work

Online Culinary Arts Programs
Enrolling in a culinary arts program online is a great idea to get into this lucrative career in a little time. Also, the online programs are more affordable than the campus based training. The professionals who are already in the food industry can upgrade their knowledge and skills by enrolling in these programs. As a culinary arts program on the internet can be managed from any location and at any time, if offers a great flexibility in terms of schedule. Another advantage of this mode of education is that you can learn at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are there any online culinary arts programs available?

A:Online culinary arts programs can take two forms: certificate and degree programs or schools offering casual cooking instructions. The later is famous in the distant learning education in culinary arts. Degree programs and certificates in culinary arts are available online but they require a certain degree of practical experience that cannot the gained just by theory or practical demonstration by others on the internet. These degree programs than require you to take up a certain portion of their online culinary arts program in a nearby affiliated location. Offered online degree programs include Bachelors, Associates and Certificates in Culinary Arts.

Q:Which popular culinary schools offer baking and pastry arts courses to students?

A:The area of baking and pastry arts has grown dramatically in recent years. Many universities are now offering accredited baking and pastry arts courses that train students to become professional bakers and culinary artists. Some of the highest ranked culinary schools include the Johnson and Wales University in Providence, the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, Del Mar College, Houston Community College, Columbus State University, the French Culinary Institute, and the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts.

Q:What are the career prospects graduates in baking and pastry arts programs?

A:Baking and Pastry arts program open up a wide range of career opportunities for its degree holders. It allows the graduates to get jobs in various bakeries, restaurants, and hotels. The degree also allows professionals to conduct classes and teach others the tips and techniques of baking and pastry making. Students can also get jobs in the hospitality management industry easily. Most importantly, the program equips them with the required skills to open up their own business/outlet for food and bakery items.

Q:Are professional baking courses useful for becoming a wholesale baker?

A:Yes. Professional baking courses offered through certificate or undergraduate level programs can prove to be quite handy for aspiring wholesale bakers. Students can pursue the 1 year certificate program to get hands on the very basic concepts relating the field and then get enrolled in a bachelor's program that provides them with knowledge on areas such as principles of baking, food cost management, basic breads and yeasts, and food safety and sanitation. Through these professional baking courses, students can get industry based knowledge of the field and can establish their careers as successful wholesale bakers.

Q:What is the aim of the Starches and Salads course of the PA Culinary programs?

A:The PA Culinary programs have a course on the Starches and Salads, worth 3 credits. This course studies the identification, storage, cooking as well as purchases of grains and potatoes. It also stresses on understanding the purchase as well as preparation of scores of different dishes made with pasta. The course also focuses on preparing fresh salads and using the optimum dressings for the salads.

Q:While going through Cooking classes in Greenville SC, I came across Gourmet Cooking certificate. Can you tell me the contents of the program?

A:Cooking classes in Greenville SC offer a number of programs and courses. Among the most sought for, one is Gourmet Cooking certificate program. In this program the students get to study a number of courses such as the gourmet kitchen, the basics of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, stocks and sauces, cooking methods for fruits, vegetables, and herbs, lamb and pork, the basics of poultry and beef and veal.

Q:What is the duration of culinary arts online classes?

A:The duration of online culinary arts schools differs with the chosen program. Short courses being offered in the field are for a few weeks only. Certificate programs take one year or less to complete whereas associate degrees take two years or more for completion. The duration of any of the above mentioned programs can differ when opted online since online programs are self-paced allowing students to take as much time as they see fit to complete the degree.

Q:What can you tell me about the culinary arts restaurant management program?

A:The culinary arts restaurant management program is a diversified field of specialization allowing students to learn the dynamics and operations of the entire restaurant other than focusing on one specialty. This course includes food management, dessert-making, baking, beverage management, hospitality, tour and travel, client management, customer relation, and many others.

Q:Are there any culinary arts scholarships and grants being offered?

A:Indeed. Students wishing to seek culinary arts education and looking for non-returnable finances to be able to do so can apply to the federal financial aid program at the quickest. Federal financial aid offers deserving students scholarships and grants irrespective of the area of specialization. Students should focus on getting federal aid since this is the easiest to score. Private scholarships and grants may also be available but they are difficult to search.

Q:What are the benefits of taking culinary management online courses?

A:Culinary management courses online allow students to complete the degree from ease of home and at a pace suitable to them. They get to make their own class schedules and attend the class whenever they want and from where ever they want with a single internet connection. It also allows students to take up work opportunties alongside studying. Online classes are also considered comparatively cheaper to the traditional based schooling system.

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