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A variety of different community and junior colleges all across the US are now offering Criminal Justice Courses. Criminal justice courses are also offered by universities as well as law enforcement agencies and institutions. The objective of all criminal justice courses and curriculums is to educate students regarding processes, procedures, and laws that are applicable for all criminal activities associated with an individual, group or community of people.

People who enroll in criminal Justice courses are either students preparing for a long and exciting career in the law enforcement agencies or Criminal Justice Department or are law enforcement professionals that are enhancing their knowledge of various laws and procedures.

Students who successfully graduate from criminal Justice courses become applicable to apply in law enforcement agencies, United Nations criminal department, forensic departments of all state and federal systems, and as crime experts. Majority of people who enroll in criminal Justice courses prepare themselves for a career as a police officer or law enforcement agency officer.

Online criminal justice courses explore the many processes, procedures, and laws involved in criminal proceedings.
criminal justice online course

Criminal justice is a diverse and complex field of study. Over a hundred thousand criminal offenses are recorded in state and federal court systems. Application of law is also dependent on the age, sex, religious affinity, and mental state of the criminal. Criminal Justice is primarily rendering proper punishment based upon the crime taking into account other important parameters of the individual and the circumstances. Though different laws exist for different states, the objective of all criminal justice programs is to inculcate the basic understanding of laws that govern and fight crime.

What are the steps to enroll in a criminal justice school?

The admission requirements will vary from college to college. Generally, applicants are required to complete the following steps to enroll in a criminal justice school:

  1. Select a criminal justice school
  2. Fill out an admission form
  3. Submit a high school transcript or bachelor’s degree transcript (depends on which program you wish to enroll in)
  4. Submit letters of recommendation

Note that criminal justice schools usually have a minimum GPA requirement that all applicants must meet. Some schools may also require applicants to take an admission test or a standardized aptitude test such as the SAT.

How Long Does an Online Criminal Justice Degree Take?

The duration of an online criminal justice degree depends on the level you wish to pursue. For example:

  • An associate level criminal justice degree takes around two years to complete
  • A bachelor’s degree takes four years to complete
  • A master’s degree will take two years to complete

Non-degree based criminal justice programs such as diplomas or certificates can take six to twelve months. The exact duration will also depend on which criminal justice school you plan to enroll in.

Criminal Justice Courses and Curriculum

Criminal Justice Courses are offered by the law departments of colleges and universities across America. Most of the community and junior colleges offer basic criminal justice courses. Advanced criminal justice courses are available at four year colleges and universities. Basic criminal justice courses communicate to the students about the basic rights of individuals and communities in society. Advanced criminal justice courses relate to the laws governing certain crimes. The following are the top courses that are taught when students are pursuing criminal justice diplomas, certifications or degrees:

  • juvenile criminology
  • State Crime
  • adult crime activity
  • criminology
  • civil law

Benefits of criminal justice courses:

The following are the main benefits of criminal justice courses:

  • Job placement in law enforcement agencies. All law enforcement agencies require that potential candidates have taken certain credit hours in criminal justice courses. Majority of people who end up being recruited by the law enforcement agencies have done associates in criminology or bachelors in criminal justice.

  • Professionals already employed with law enforcement agencies require certain amount of accredited course work in criminal justice programs. These criminal justice courses enable the professionals to advance in their career.

  • Tranquility in society. When organizations and societies are fully aware of the definition of laws surrounding their environment, more and more people are careful not to break any laws. Society revolves around justice to be maintained.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you give me information about the criminal justice online course?

A:You can find detailed information on the online criminal justice degrees at our website. Criminal Justice online degrees can be pursued in associate, certificate, bachelor and master's programs. These can be opted with a bunch of specialization areas. Applicants can choose the online criminal justice school of their choice from the list at our website and apply for their desired course.

Q:What are the benefits of Online Criminal Justice Courses?

A:Criminal justice courses are now available online by accredited online criminal justice schools. Online education has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to a number of benefits. The costs of online courses is less as compared to campus courses, there is no traveling involved which means you can study from the comfort of your home.

Q:Is it financially feasible to pursue an online criminal justice degree?

A:The benefits of earning a criminal justice degree are several. Firstly, people with this degree usually end up working for high profile government intelligence agencies. Secondly, this field has unlimited growth and career advancement potential, and most importantly, this career has the most to offer to the society in general, since it is crucial for the survival of mankind for peace and justice to be maintained.

Q:Career wise which fields of work be most suitable for criminal justice degree courses?

A:Students with a criminal Justice degree are most suitable for the field of law enforcement. They usual end up working for their local law enforcement agencies, United Nations criminal department, forensic departments at state and federal level or as crime experts. In fact most people already serving in the law enforcement choose to pursue a criminal Justice degree courses to further enhance their professional abilities and improve their career advancement options.

Q:What are some of the courses included in the criminal justice classes?

A:in today's crime infested world, the field of criminal justice is one of the fastest growing academic and professional fields. Pursuing a degree course in criminal justice can open up employment opportunities in a number of government agencies or local or international organizations involved in fighting crime. These are the top courses taught to students pursuing criminal justice diplomas, certifications or degrees: juvenile criminology, adult crime activity, State Crime, criminology and civil law

Q:How long does it take to successfully finish criminal justice courses?

A:Advanced criminal justice courses take more or less about four years of college or university life to complete. A bachelor degree has a duration of four years, whereas a master’s degree takes around two years to complete. Basic criminal justice courses teach students about civilian rights, communities and other such general topics. It is the advanced criminal justice courses which impart knowledge about subjects like juvenile criminology, State Crime, adult crime activity, criminology and civil law.

Q:What can be the deciding factor if given a choice between take classes on campus or taking online criminal justice classes?

A:The reason why most people chose to take classes online now is because they are already submerged in professional responsibilities. Being in a career should not stop anyone from not being able to continue their academic achievements, which eventually help them climb the career ladder as well. Therefore, to keep up with their careers but still be able to pursue a higher degree of education, online or distant learner's option is the best one. This is one of the reasons why people chose online education over on-campus classes.

Q:What subjects will I study in a criminal justice course?

A:Criminal justice courses are offered at graduate and undergraduate level. These courses comprise of many subjects related to the field of criminal justice. Some of the subjects students will study in this course include fundamentals of criminal law, courts and criminal procedures, criminal investigation, correctional systems, criminal procedure and evidence, and juvenile courts.

Q:Can you give me a criminal justice course description?

A:Criminal justice course description would depend on the type of course that is being taken and can vary in terms of subjects and the duration. Generally, such courses aim to familiarize students with concepts related to criminal psychology, correction techniques and practices, investigative methods, criminal laws and the judicial proceedings.

Q:Is it beneficial to go for online courses for criminal justice?

A:Many students opt for online courses for criminal justice as these courses are very convenient. They are self paced and the best thing is that one can continue with job or other routine activities while studying. Online courses also prove to be more cost efficient. The duration and subjects can vary according to the type of criminal justice course.

Q:I am interested in online criminal justice courses. Are they easier than the on-campus courses?

A:Online criminal justice courses normally follow a similar curriculum to that of campus based programs. If you select accredited criminal justice courses, they will provide quality education and will be equally challenging. Online programs only provide you convenience as they don't require you to travel or attend classes at a fixed schedule, and you can learn at your own pace.

Q:Is the curriculum for criminal justice courses online the same as the curriculum of campus based programs?

A:Yes, the program structure for all criminal justice courses is the same whether it is being offered online or at a campus based institute. Students will be required to study a broad range of topics such as criminal justice in America, penalties and probation, justice administration, legal procedures, law and justice, and law enforcement.

Q:Can you name some of the law enforcement agencies I can work in after completing criminal justice online courses?

A:With a degree in criminal justice, you can look forward to career opportunities in a number of law enforcement agencies. Police force, border patrol services, court administration, and homeland security are a few of the major federal agencies you can work in. the type of job you may be eligible for will also depend upon your area of specialization.

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