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Online education is replacing the traditional mode of learning thanks to technology and globalization. Now students and even working professionals can pursue their educational goals without having to enroll full-time at a campus. According to US News & World Report, the enrollment for online courses continues to climb for the 10th straight year. Babson Survey Group conducted a research to determine the growth of online learning in the US. The research revealed that the proportion of students taking at least one online course is 33.5%, which is the highest so far. There are over 7 million students currently enrolled in online programs.

So why is e-learning taking over? Online education has managed to overcome issues and challenges that students face with on-campus programs. An online program can be tailored to meet individual needs. Students can study from any location. This mode of learning is flexible, convenient, and cost-friendly. Students do not have to cover travel or text books expenses that are usually associated with traditional campus based programs. Many universities are offering online degree programs to meet the ever-growing demand of online education.

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