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Holistic Nursing Programs

Nursing is a rewarding career with scores of opportunities for growth. Nurses not only enjoy competitive wages but also a wide array of career benefits. These healthcare professionals look after the sick and assist doctors and other medical staff as well. There are a number of specialized fields in nursing such as pediatrics nursing, neonatal nursing, ER nursing and more. Holistic nursing is a specialized field within this line of work that involves caring for a patient's body, mind and spirit. Students who would like to become a holistic nurse need to complete the same education requirements as standard nurses.

Education Requirements for Holistic Nurses
To become a holistic nurse, you can earn an associate's degree in nursing that includes holistic perspectives in its program. To enroll in an associate program you need to have computer literacy and basic skills in Math and English. In this 2 year program you will learn about basics of nursing as well as cover topics related to general education. The next step is to pass the licensure exam and gain work experience. You can pursue holistic nurse certification through the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation.

Program Coursework
Coursework in holistic nursing care programs include classroom lessons, clinical studies as well as practicums. Curriculum may include courses like holistic approach to pharmacology, nursing fundamentals, holistic wellness, concepts in nursing management and general psychology and mental health. Students may also cover topics such as holistic practice and nurse healer and moral, ethical, legal and regulatory principles.

Job Opportunities for Holistic Nurses
Career prospects for nurses are very bright as there are scores of new job openings that require these healthcare professionals across the country. Employment for nurses is expected to grow at a faster pace than other occupations. This is why pursuing a career as a holistic nurse can lead students to highly lucrative opportunities in clinics, hospital, nursing homes and other settings. On average, these nurses can earn about $65,000 on a yearly basis.

Continuing Education
Holistic nurses who would like to perk up their career prospects can enroll bachelor's programs in nursing. This advanced degree prepares registered nurses for a wider scope of career opportunities. Bachelor of science in nursing can be completed in 4 years and cover a number of advanced topics such as holistic health assessments, applied social science in healing, behavioral health and spiritual implications, alterations in holistic integrity and national community management. Graduates can opt for holistic baccalaureate nurse certification. In addition, they can also enroll in master's degree in nursing with focus on holistic nursing. It can help students find the most lucrative opportunities within this field.

Online Nursing Programs
Online schools also offer programs for aspiring nurses. These programs are highly flexible, allowing students to enroll in them from any location and complete a degree at their own pace. Learners can study at timings that befit their personal routine. Online Nursing programs can be a great option for RNs seeking to improve their career prospects without giving up their existing jobs.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you give me an overview of holistic nursing certification?

A:Holistic Nursing is based on the belief that mind-body-spirit interactions can affect a person's ability to grow and heal. To be a holistic nurse, you require an associate's degree in nursing with holistic courses in its program. The two year program is based on nursing fundamentals and general education. After that you need to pass licensure exam and gain work experience. Holistic nurse certification can be acquired through the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation.

Q:What are the possible benefits of acquiring holistic nurse practitioner education online?

A:You can have several benefits if you wish to acquire holistic nurse practitioner education online. Online courses offer a lot of flexibility and convenience, as you can have your own schedule and learn at your own pace. Besides, you do not incur costs such as travelling and hostel accommodation. The latest learning resources used in online education also enhance the learning and retention of course content.

Q:Can you please tell me the holistic nursing definition?

A:Holistic nursing is considered to be an art as well as science of caring for the whole person. The belief behind holistic nursing is that the mind body and spirit interactions can greatly affect a person's health and ability to heal. The purpose of holistic nurses is to support their client in growth and healing. Holistic nurses work in different settings and with patients in all phases of life.

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