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Bachelor of Writing
If you have always dreamed of winning a Pulitzer then enrolling in a Bachelor of writing program may help prepare you to achieve that goal. These degree programs can help you become an expert in both professional writing, as well as in creative writing. A Bachelor of writing degree can open up various career options in journalism, novel writing, advertising and business management among others.

Program Structure and Coursework
A Bachelor of writing program is of four years duration and trains students to communicate ideas in an effective manner through their writing. Most writing programs allow students to specialize in particular areas such as technical writing, professional writing, creative writing and journalism. Students are required to take courses in English literature, fiction writing, copywriting and editing. Also part of the curriculum of a Bachelor of writing program are courses in poetry, reporting, non-fiction writing, publishing and magazine production. A Bachelor program focusing on creative writing would include playwriting and screenwriting courses as well. Programs offering a specialization in technical writing include courses in technical documentation, grant and proposal writing and professional editing.
Careers in Writing
A Bachelor of writing program can prepare graduates for careers in a wide range of fields. Writing jobs related to reporting, technical writing, novel writing and editorial roles are available for such graduates. A writing expert can also find work as a speech writer, copywriter and grant writer. On average, someone with a Bachelor of writing degree can earn between 40,000 and 70,000 US dollars.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What career options are available to students with a Bachelor In Writing degree?

A:students with a Bachelor In Writing degree can opt for a successful career in a number of fields. Following are a few career paths that can be pursued: copywriter, media analyst, online writer, freelance writer, corporate writer, editor, journalist, playwright, film and television producer, public relations consultant, production assistant, film editor, web content manager, magazine editor, and many more.

Q:After a bachelor in technical writing, how much can I expect to earn?

A:According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for technical writers was $65,500 in May 2012. The job outlook for technical writer's id positive with BLS predicting a projected growth of 15 percent from 2012 to 2022 in employment of technical writers, a rate that is faster than the average for all other occupations.

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