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Bachelor in Women's Studies

Women’s studies is a field that analyzes gender roles in societies and cultures. The subject is derived from many academic principles that vary from sociology and psychology to history and anthropology. It is a study of how women have helped organize the structure of political and social institutions.  By examining sexual inequalities, women’s studies programs lend a perspective on how one views the world by taking gender considerations into account.

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What are the requirements for a BA in Women’s Studies?

A high school diploma is normally required to pursue a bachelor’s degree in any most fields; however, for a bachelor degree in women studies there is no specific  prerequisite for students until they arrive at college.

Which Women’s Studies Degrees are offered?

The most common degree for this discipline is a bachelor of arts degree in women studies that is offered in most institutions in the US. The BA in women studies is normally a four-year degree program. However, depending on the type of program, it may also be completed in a shorter or longer period of time. The curriculum is interdisciplinary and consists of a range of courses and areas such as:

  • Gender and Crime
  • Women and Literature
  • Kinship and Social Organization
  • Women in Politics
  • Poverty
  • Children and the Society
  • Money, Sex, Power

Some of the undergraduate women’s studies degrees offered are:

  • BA Women’s and Gender Studies:

This program helps examine the role of gender as a social construct. With this BA degree, students learn how gender has shaped culture and history.

  • BA Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies:

Known as the WGSS program, students are taught to analyze the intersecting organization of social variation-race, class, ability, gender, ethnicity and sexuality. Students are encouraged to think analytically and independently to create their own specialized view of the world.

What can I do with a bachelor’s of art in Women’s Studies?

Holders of a Bachelor of Arts in women studies can apply a variety of jobs available to that range across various industries and business sectors. Some of them are mentioned below:

Educational, Guidance, Vocational and School Counselors provide counseling to students based on a range of particular experiences on either educational or interpersonal matters.

  • Median Annual Wage (2013): $53,600
  • Growth Rate (2012-2022): 12%

Social Workers form an integral part of the society as they help individuals cope with problems in their daily lives. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating emotional, mental and behavioral issues.

  • Median Annual Wage (2012): $44,200
  • Growth Rate (2012-2022): 19%

Education Administrators are responsible for coordinating, directing or planning student administration services and other educational activities. Their job responsibilities may include student recruitment at postsecondary level, selection and admitting new students.

  • Median Annual Wage (2013): $87,410
  • Growth Rate (2012-2022): 15% to 21%

Community Health Workers aid people and communities to implement healthy lifestyles and behavior. They may choose to conduct outreach programs for health organizations which may promote individual as well as community health.

  • Median Annual Wage (2013): $34,610
  • Growth Rate (2012-2022): 22%

*All career-related figures have been taken from BLS and O*Net


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the duration of the bachelor in womens studies?

A:The duration of the degree program depends on whether the program is taken online or on-campus. An on campus degree is typically a three to five year degree program while the online degree can be done in a variable time limit. The duration can vary based on the number of credit hours associated with the program and the amount of research work undertaken.

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