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Bachelor in Languages

The term “global village” is not without its merits. As people from across the globe come together, the highly multilingual professional world has diversified the job market and opened up job opportunities for many. Globalization and technology have transformed industries and raised the bar for job seekers. Knowing more than one language can lead one into many diverse occupations where foreign language is required. Culture is a key component of our society which has pushed the need for competent individuals with fluency in other languages.

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A degree in languages can therefore help you pursue career opportunities in different work settings. You can pursue languages as a major at undergraduate and graduate level from many universities. These degree programs will help you explore the usage of different languages in modern era. A bachelors degree in languages today is one of the most popularly pursued degree programs.

Bachelors in Languages
A bachelor degree in languages will help you acquire fluency in any other language or languages. The program is designed to provide students with the chance to enhance their language skills and also learn how to use foreign languages in professional settings. Students enrolled in the program may study the historical context of languages, their development, and evolution over time. To acquire fluency in another language, it is important to understand the language's structural, idiomatic and grammatical components.

The coursework is divided to cover each aspect in detail. Students are required to cover introductory and fundamental subjects during the first phase of the program. Further in the program, more advanced subjects are covered. Reading, writing, and speech are key components of the degree program that may help students acquire a thorough understanding of linguistics. A few objectives of the degree have been outlined below:

  • Communicate proficiently in at least one foreign language
  • Successfully identify sentence structures and components
  • Understand the importance of intercultural communication
  • Speak fluently and sharpen listening skills in another language

Students may pick more than one language to major in. Popular languages that are usually chosen by students include French, Arabic, Spanish, Latin, German, and Chinese. A bachelor in languages degree requires a specific number of credit hours which must be successfully completed by students in order to graduate. The duration of the program will however depend upon which college you enroll in. There are also a number of online schools that are offering bachelors degree in languages.

Career Opportunities
The 21st century market requires individuals who have an understanding of other cultures and languages. With a degree in languages, you can pursue jobs in a variety of industries.  Some of the most common jobs associated with foreign language are teaching and translating. However, you can pursue careers in many other fields such as government, journalism, finance, law, sales and marketing, food industry, tourism, and non-profit organizations. Many international firms require skilled individuals who can promote and manage their business activities overseas.

The income will depend upon the job you pursue and where you work. Higher education in languages may help you prepare for a career in the most challenging work environments.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the duration of a bachelor degree in languages?

A:A bachelor degree in languages is offered by many educational institutions. Typically the degree program has duration of 4 years. Students can earn a bachelor degree in languages through online colleges with a shorter duration. The four year program comprises of various courses and credit hours that must be attained in order to qualify for the degree.

Q:My search on Bachelor in Languages led me to Civilization and Culture of Italy course, can you tell me more?

A:It is common to come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field while going through search such as Bachelor in Languages. Civilization and Culture of Italy course is included in various programs related to Italian. It introduced the students with the culture and civilization of Italy and its growth through times.

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