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Post Grad Certificates in Human Services

Human services programs are designed to instruct students in ethics, counseling, rehabilitation services and substance abuse. These programs prepare students to serve the community by working in welfare agencies or mental health organizations. By gaining education in this field, learners can pursue careers as social workers, community activists or childcare workers.

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A number of degrees and certificate programs are offered in this area of study. These include bachelor and master’s degrees. Students can also pursue post graduates certificates in human services.

Post Grad Certificates in Human Services Program

Post grad certificates in human services are designed for experienced practitioners. This program is a suitable option for the ones who do not have an undergraduate qualification. It also provides an entry-level qualification into a graduate degree in human services for students with no prior undergraduate qualification or a bachelor’s degree in another area of study.

This program helps learners to understand the essential role of values in the practice of human service. Students also get a chance to reflect upon their practice within the context of changing human services and use knowledge in the development and delivery of quality human services.

Admissions Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in a psychology, education, social work, or a related discipline is required to pursue human services post grad certificates. Students must also have at least five years work of experience in human services. Other requirements for admissions may vary by school.

Curriculum in Post Grad Certificates in Human Services

Students in post grad certificates in human services cover an array of topics such as alcohol and drug dependency, global social policy, addictions, sociology, and more. Other courses of study learners can register for include social research, mental health: practice and theory, working with communities and social policy frameworks. Many certificate programs may require candidates to complete a practicum in addition to completing core course requirements.

Aspiring human services professionals can choose to specialize in an area within this field such as management, community work and violence against women.

Employment Opportunities

Employment of human service professionals is expected to grow by around 28% during the next decade. The increase in the elderly population and a rising demand for social services are some of factors responsible for the growth of job opportunities in this field. Social service experts can find an array of jobs in a variety of settings such as individual and family services, local government, nursing and residential care facilities, and community and vocational rehabilitation services. On average, they can earn between $35,000 and $67,000 a year.

Online Post Grad Certificates in Human Services

Students can also pursue post-grad certificates in human services online and enjoy the freedom of studying as per their personal schedule. These programs are highly flexible, making them very useful for those who are into part-time or full-time jobs. Learners in these programs do not have to make major changes to their routines and so are able to pursue a certificate alongside their other commitments.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the coursework for post grad certificate in Human Services?

A:You'll get to study a number of courses and topics if you opt for Post Graduation certificate in Human Services. Some of the topics included in these courses are introduction to human services, nutrition and wellness, family studies, career life planning, human growth & development and intro to family and consumer.

Q:To enroll in post grad certificates in human services, do I have to complete my master's degree?

A:Since it is a Post Grad certificate program, you must finish your master's level education. These certifications are designed specifically for students who are at graduate level or are finished with their graduate studies. The program comprises of a number advanced level courses. These certifications can help boost a career in the field of human services.

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