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Degree Completion in Human Services

About Human Services
Human services professionals are responsible for performing a wide variety of roles in assisting social workers, public welfare organizations and non-governmental organizations to provide services to the public. Their focus is to help people improve their quality of life by obtaining jobs, housing, education, technical training and medical aid.  They also provide emotional support and counseling to the people who have suffered a loss, or gone through a crisis. Human services professionals also organize social activities, act as legal advisors, administer food banks and work with the people admitted in rehabilitation programs.

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About the Degree
Due to the large number of career directions in the field of human services, educational requirements widely vary. For most positions in the field, a high school degree is the minimum requirement. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in human services is an essential requirement for the people who wish to advance in this field. These degrees include a generalized course with subjects such as ethics, public health, and gerontology. The Master of Science in Human Services is ideal for people who wish to work in a managerial position. It allows specialization in a field such as community health, health education, clinical work, counseling , family studies & planning, human services administration and social policy planning.

Career Prospects
The demand for human services professionals is increasing rapidly due to the growing demand in various industries, public sector organizations and healthcare organizations. The number of professionals required in this field is expected to increase by more than 23% through the next decade mainly due to the ageing population and increase in demand for substance abuse treatment. Median annual wages stand at $27,000 for field workers, and exceed $150,000 for policy advisors in international agencies.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can Human Services Degree Completion Programs be pursued online?

A:Yes, for a career in human services, one may obtain human services degree online. Apart from the ease of studying from any location, online programs offer other benefits. They allow flexible scheduling to suit the needs of professionals with busy schedules. These programs also cost much less than campus based programs.

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