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Doctoral in Human Services

What is ‘Human Services’?
Human services are a diverse field that focuses on meeting the needs of the people struggling with illness, addiction, poverty, violence and crime. Human services professionals work with social welfare organizations, healthcare agencies and law enforcement officers to improve people’s lives and help them cope with issues they face every day. They provide vital social and community services, such as helping people with a disability, addressing housing and employment issues, educating the public about their rights, helping families affected by domestic violence, taking care of children’s rights and advocating for justice and improved living conditions in the less developed areas of the country.

How can I get a doctoral degree in human services?
The field of human services is for people who have the desire and ability to make a difference in other people’s lives. A doctoral degree in human services is ideal for those who wish to lead the way for social change by implementing new and innovative ideas for public welfare. Doctoral candidates start off their degree by taking courses in the areas of public health, family health systems, strategic planning, community services and research methods. This is followed by a dissertation research in which the candidates study a social issue and devise solutions to overcome it.

What is the future outlook?
Increased public awareness about the issues being faced by the underprivileged sections of society, and a government initiative to improve living conditions has caused the field of health services to grow at an unprecedented rate. A doctorate in human services can help you land a leadership position in a social welfare organization, research center, government body or international agency. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an increase of 16% in employment opportunities through 2018 and puts average earnings for PhDs in this field at $83,000 per year.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Doctoral Degree in Human Services?

Quite a few universities offer a doctoral degree in Human Services such as the Ashford University, the Walden University and the Oregon State University, etc. Many universities offer it on campus as a full/part-time degree while a few universities offer it online as well. Typically, a doctoral degree takes 3 to 5 years to complete. However, it may take longer to complete in case of an online degree.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Doctoral Degree in Human Services?

The requirements vary for each university and are based on the intensity of its curriculum as well as the mode of study. For instance, students of the online doctoral degree in Human Services offered at the Ashford University must complete 62 credit hours to graduate. Generally, the curriculum of a doctoral degree requires students to sit through lectures, pass exams and write a thesis to graduate.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Doctoral Degree in Human Services?

You may work at various positions with public/private organizations. In 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the annual median salary of the following professions as:


Median Salary

Social Workers

$49,470 per year

Social and Community Service Managers

$65,320 per year

Postsecondary Education Administrators

$94,340 per year

Elementary and Secondary School Education Administrators

$95,310 per year

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the duration of the doctoral programs Human Services?

A:The Doctorate in Human Services can take three years or more to complete. Students who opt for the Doctorate in Human Services online can take as much time as they see fit to complete the degree program. Online programs are self-paced. Hence, they do not have a restricted time span to complete the program. Applicants to the doctorate in human services can take up work opportunities and continue with the doctoral program online.

Q:I wanted to know the required courses in Doctorate Distance Learning Human Services?

A:Doctorate Distance Learning Human Services offers a number of courses. The required courses to complete the program include leading change in human services, action research methodology, strategic planning and organizational effectiveness, public service leadership, advanced communication skills for the human services leadership, epistemology of practice and program development and management.

Q:What is included in the course on Ethics and Social Justice when pursuing Doctorate in Human Services?

A:Course on Ethics and Social Justice is an essential part of the qualification in Doctorate in Human Services. This course is worth 5 credit hours and deals with the foundations of leadership. Students also get an opportunity to learn about social and political aspects, economic climate and social justice. Students also perform research on demographics and current social trends. Prospective students interested in this course are recommended to search our website for more information.

Q:What will a doctoral degree in human services entail?

A:Doctoral degree in human services is advanced studies in a field that is concerned with community help. It deals with helping people in need or the less fortunate ones to cope with the situation and become a more functional member of society. Therefore jobs for human services professionals can be in hospital settings, law enforcement agencies or public service organizations.

Q:What is a phd in human services and how can I benefit from it online?

A:A PhD in human services is post-graduate degree program being offered by many institutes across the nation. It is designed to equip students with career-oriented knowledge and advanced skills for leadership roles. If you plan to pursue this program online, you can expect the following benefits: low costs, flexibility and time management, self-paced coursework, and convenience.

Q:Is a doctorate human services degree available online?

A:Yes, you can enroll in a doctorate human services degree online. A number of online institutes are offering degree programs in human services. You will study through a variety of online lectures, online conferences, e-notes, and multimedia presentations. However, you may have to take a few classes at the campus for research courses and hands on experience.

Q:How many years does it take to complete doctoral programs in human services?

A:Doctorate level programs are post graduate qualifications that one can only earn after completing a master's degree. The time needed to complete this program can range anywhere between 5 and 7 years. Most of the course comprises of research projects and case studies. Students must submit a dissertation and report findings based on a valid research.

Q:Can I pursue a doctorate degree in human services online?

A:Yes, you can enroll in a human services doctorate degree online. You can complete the degree at your own pace without having to attend campus based classes. Through video tutorials, presentations, online conferences, and e-notes, studying online has been made easier. The overall cost of an online doctorate degree will also seem less as compared to campus programs.

Q:What are the admission requirements for doctorate degree programs human services?

A:The admission requirements for doctorate degree programs human services have been mentioned here: submission of a master's degree with minimum 2.5 CGPA, submission of bachelor degree/transcript. Work experience (if any), letters of recommendation, and submission of a project. The program can be completed in 5 to 7 years and can also be studied online.

Q:Can you name some of the employment opportunities that are available for graduates of human services doctoral programs?

A:Graduates can work as academic faculty members, evaluators, program administrators and researchers in schools and universities. They can also join state agencies and professional organizations to work in the capacities of staff developers, policymakers and consultants. Similarly they can be employed to work as district and school supervisors and consultants.

Q:How can online PhD programs human services be more suitable for working professionals?

A:Online PhD programs human services are more suitable for working professionals, as they offer a lot more flexibility than the on traditional on campus PhD programs. With the help of online programs, you can study at your own pace and have the luxury to create your own schedule. In addition to that, you do not need any kind of travelling which allows you to make the most of your time.

Q:What can be some of the objectives of going for PhD programs in human services?

A:Students pursuing PhD programs in human services can have diverse objectives in mind. However, PhD students are usually looking to meet greater challenges, enhance their research skills, and become more confident and better communicators. They are people with inquisitive minds who find research and exploration in their field quite enjoyable. With a doctorate degree, they can have a better job and contribute to the body of knowledge in their field.

Q:What can I do with a human services doctorate degree?

A:With a human services doctorate degree you can work in the social sector and work for the well being of society as a whole. A doctorate degree will involve a lot of research work. After this you can be attached with social welfare organizations, healthcare agencies or be involved with community services.

Q:Tell me about PhD human services?

A:Human services focuses on helping those who need it, it may be people facing poverty, illness and other tough situations. It has a vast scope as there are so many areas that require such professionals. It requires you to understand human psyche, human behavior along with social sciences and communication. A PhD degree can be a specialization in any of these areas. It requires a lot of research and detailed thesis on the subject you choose.

Q:How much time do I need to finish doctoral degrees in human services?

A:Doctorate level degree programs in human services can be completed in 5-7 years. The exact time needed will depend upon your pace and research project. The coursework is advanced in nature and research oriented. You must complete a thesis and submit your project to successfully finish the program. Now doctorate degrees are also being offered online.

Q:What is phd in Human Services and when can I pursue it?

A:To pursue a doctoral degree in human services, you need to complete bachelor and masters level degree. Doctoral programs are the highest level of degrees you can aim for in any academic field. The coursework is advanced and is research based. You will have to complete a research project and a dissertation to successfully complete the degree.

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