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Associate in Human Services

Associate of Human Services is a two-year degree that focuses on issues related to emotional, psychological, familial and societal wellbeing. This degree can open a number of job opportunities for students who wish to establish themselves in this field quickly.

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Program Structure and Coursework
The Associate of Human Services degree covers a number of disciplines including sociology, counseling methods, ethnicity, child welfare, and crisis management among others. The course work is usually followed by an internship where the students have to work with social service providers and get introduced to the various areas where social services are applied to help emotionally-disturbed children, jail inmates, juvenile offenders etc. Associate of Human Services is a two-year program but after completion the student can get the credits transferred for a bachelor's degree.
Although, there are no requirements for admission in Associate of Human Services except a high school diploma but some colleges expect the candidates to study certain related subjects in high school.

Career Outlook
Associate for Human Services is a basic undergraduate program that enables students to find entry-level jobs. People holding an Associate of Human Services degree can work as social workers, administrative assistants and counselors. Mostly, an associate program can get you an entry level position which can later be developed after an additional degree or substantial work experience.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the benefits of pursuing an online Associate in Human Services?

A:There are a number of benefits in pursuing an online Associate in Human Services qualification. Online educational programs are specifically designed keeping the students convenience in mind. These programs are comprehensive with every subject discussed in detail. Online education is relatively inexpensive as well with students saving money on travel and accommodations. Prospective students interested in this qualification are requested to search our website for an extensive list of accredited institutions.

Q:What is associates in human services?

A:An associate degree generally takes two years to complete and provides a foundation of necessary knowledge and skills. The associate degree in human services has its emphasis on aspects like emotional, psychological, familial, and societal betterment. This degree may lead to a number of entry level positions in the field.

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