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What is counseling?
The field of counseling deals with helping people to understand and deal with various problems they face in their daily lives such as social, educational, and work issues. Counseling is a vast field that is split into many areas of specialization including education counseling, medical and psychological counseling, family counseling, substance abuse counseling, rehabilitation counseling, marriage & relationship counseling and career counseling. Counselors are responsible for listening to their patient’s problems and advising them on how they can resolve their issues. Those on the clinical side of the field also use different therapeutic techniques and medicines in order to treat their patients.

What is the Master of Counseling Degree?
A Master’s of counseling degree normally last two years and students can avail a variety of online and offline programs in order to obtain this degree. The degree combines a number of academic courses with internships, field work and research in order to prepare students to meet the arising challenges in counseling. Courses include developmental psychology, social psychology, career development, medical law and ethics, child psychotherapy and couple counseling. Depending on the specialization chosen, courses in other areas such as drug rehabilitation may also be included. Students then complete an internship at a healthcare or social organization and write a research paper before they are awarded the degree.

What are the future prospects?
After graduating with a master of counseling degree, students must appear in the National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE) before they can start work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of counseling will grow by 18% till 2020, giving it one of the highest growth rates among all occupations. With median wages for entry level counselors starting well above $80,000 per year and reaching $200,000 for experienced counselors, this field offers some of the best career opportunities in the country.

States with the highest employment level in this occupation:



Employment per thousand jobs

Location quotient

Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage

California 16600.111.2618.1337720
Florida 11300.141.6817.9737370
Illinois 9600.161.9217.937240
Texas 7600.070.7816.6234570
New York 6500.070.8520.1241840


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Going through search on Master in Counseling, I came across Older Adult Care Management course, what is it about?

A:Its common to come across the reference of various courses and programs while going through search on Master in Counseling degree programs. In Older Adult Care Management course, the students get to study about physical, emotional, psychological and social aspects related to aging. They are also taught the ways of taking care of adult community members.

Q:What different types of Masters In Counseling degree programs are available?

A:A student can opt for either a master of science in counseling or a master of arts in counseling. Both the degree programs are covering the topic of counseling but the approach towards learning is different. In a master of science in counseling the student picks a area for specialization and focus, whereas in the master in arts counseling, the student keeps a general view on the topic.

Q:What major careers can be pursued with a Counseling Masters Degree?

A:A master's degree in counseling enables individuals to help people going through transitional and difficult phases in life. The career opportunities that can be pursued with this degree are mentioned here: marriage and family counselor, school guidance counselor, rehabilitation counselor mental health supervisor/counselor, and substance abuse counselor. The career options mainly focus on improving lives of people.

Q:Tell me about Christian counseling masters degree?

A:A Master's Degree in Christian counseling takes about two years to complete and is available both online as well as on-campus. The degree makes use of a number of teaching tools inside as well as outside the class like academic courses, internships, field work and research to train students for the challenging field of counseling. Some of the core subjects included in this program are developmental psychology, social psychology, career development, medical law and ethics, child psychotherapy and couple counseling.

Q:What exactly is taught in counseling master degree program?

A:If you are contemplating taking up the field of counseling, prepare yourself for selflessly helping people to understand and deal with their lives challenges and problems. These problems can be personal, social, educational or professional. Counseling is a diverse field and splits into a vast number to sub fields of specializations each leading to its own specific area of expertise. Some of the fields most favored by students are education counseling, medical and psychological counseling, family counseling, substance abuse counseling, rehabilitation counseling, marriage & relationship counseling and career counseling.

Q:While looking for information on counseling masters degree I came across careers in human Services. What do I need to study for this?

A:Careers in human services is not really all that different from the field of counseling since in this field too you have to deal with people who are affected by drugs and alcohol and other compulsive behavior. During the course of this career you will be required to develop an in depth understanding of how and why people acquire and eventually get addicted to abusive substances. A close observation of their habits, both their physical and biological behavior will also be part of your training.

Q:I am concerned that, if I undertake my counseling masters degree online and, I need help or support from the faculty, I will be on own. How do online courses deal with the same?

A:The faculty on any online program can be contacted on either e-mail, by telephone, SKYPE®, or some other form of web-conferencing. Either way, you should always be able to get hold of the teaching staff if you get 'stuck' and need some help. Some faculty may have preferred method of contact/ timing and you should bear this in mind.

Q:Do I have to complete my bachelor degree before applying in counseling masters degree programs?

A:It is necessary to complete your undergraduate educatio0n before applying for graduate level programs such as a counseling master's degree program. A bachelor degree is a major prerequisite for master's degree program. It is recommended that you have acquired this degree in a similar field or the same field so that you developed a strong foundation of knowledge.

Q:Can you give me some information about careers I can pursue with counseling masters degrees?

A:A counseling master's degree can lead to careers in the field of counseling. These careers involve assisting individuals and families who have various issues regarding health, work, finance, etc. the exact occupation and salary you can earn will depend upon the specialization area you have chosen in your degree program.

Q:Can you name a few important areas of study that are included in counseling masters programs curriculum?

A:Counseling masters programs usually include a number of courses and study areas. These are relevant to the main academic principle and aim at providing students with an in depth understanding of the field. Some important courses include counseling techniques, counseling psychology, diagnosis in counseling, career counseling and development, legal issues and ethics, concepts in human development, and assessment techniques.

Q:Are clinical courses an important requirement for Master Counseling degree programs?

A:Most Masters in counseling degree programs include clinical courses in their curriculum. These are designed to provide students with hands on experience in the field. The clinical training courses aim at building practical skills in communication, diagnosis, and assessment. Students take part in field work, lab work, and other practical course projects.

Q:Can you give me information about the different types of licenses I can apply for after acquiring master degree counseling?

A:After earning a master's degree in the field of counseling, it is important that you apply for a professional license. You cannot work as a counselor without acquiring a license. There are different types of licenses available for each specialization area in this field. A few include the following: social worker license, family therapist license, health counselor license, psychologist counselor license, and marriage counselor license.

Q:How many credit hours do I have to complete to get a master degree in counseling?

A:A master's degree in counseling comprises of a number of credit hours that students must earn in order to qualify for the degree. These vary slightly from college to college buy generally range between 30-50 credit hours. To complete the credit hour requirement, the curriculum courses must be completed along with assignments and projects.

Q:Can you give me some information about Master Degree In School Counseling?

A:A Master Degree In School Counseling is a graduate level program that aims at preparing students as school counselors and psychologists. The education industry has seen a rise in the demand for school counselors in recent years. This program comprises of various courses such as youth development, diagnostic techniques, assessment etc. the standard time required to complete a Master Degree In School Counseling is two years.

Q:Is a Master in Counseling Online degree appropriate if I am currently working and wish to increase my qualifications?

A:Yes, if you are already working in the professional world and with to enhance your qualifications, opting for online degree programs is the most appropriate path to pursue. You don't have to worry about attending campus based classes and missing out on work. With online education you can study at any time of the day according to your routine.

Q:I want to pursue a Master In School Counseling degree, but I have a low paying job and cannot afford the high tuition costs. What shall I do?

A:High costs in the economy have definitely made it difficult for many to pursue higher education. If you are dealing with the same unaffordability issues, you can stop worrying. There are numerous sources of finance available that can help you acquire your dream education. You can apply for student aid such as student loans, scholarships, and grants.

Q:Are there schools offering Master Of Arts In Counseling online?

A:Yes, there are a number of graduate schools that offer Master Of Arts In Counseling degree programs online. These schools are dedicated to making education a reality for students regardless of their location. An important factor to consider when applying for online programs is the accreditation status. Online degree programs must be accredited by the DETC.

Q:Is the degree for master of counseling necessary to get a license?

A:Yes, it is essential to obtain a master of counseling degree in order to be a licensed professional counselor. A master's degree is an advanced study that includes field experience as well which is necessary part of the program. It prepares you with techniques of dealing with people having sensitive issues.

Q:What factors should be given consideration for choosing master of counseling programs?

A:When it comes to choosing master of counseling programs, the factors that need to be considered are varied. You must check the accreditation of the institute, the faculty and the qualification of the staff members, and the most important thing is the coursework and the specialty areas they offer to the students.

Q:What is the duration for a master of counseling degree course?

A:Generally, a master of counseling degree course takes almost two years full time study. The duration however can vary from institute to institute and is dependent on other factors like if you are doing it as a part time program or pursuing it online. For many online courses the duration of the complete coursework is dependent on the pace of the student.

Q:Can you give an overview of topics covered in Master of Science in counseling?

A:Master of Science in counseling gives an in depth study to guide the students to diagnose and tackle mental health issues and problems that clients face. The topics covered can be counseling laws and guidelines, ethics, diagnosing and counseling techniques, developmental psychology, mental health drugs, behavior modification practices etc.

Q:As I was searching masters degree counseling I came across psychoanalysis, can you explain this?

A:A masters degree counseling may include psychoanalysis as part of its curriculum. Psychoanalysis is a therapy that was conceived by Freud and is used by counselor's to treat mental problems as it studies how the mind works. Psychoanalysis is related to those problems that lie at the unconscious level, yet they influence the behavior of individuals.

Q:What can a master s degree in counseling prepare me for?

A:A master s degree in counseling undertakes to study the varied behavior disorders and the treatments for handling behavior or mental issues. It is a professional degree that requires practical experience as well as part of its curriculum. With the degree you can go on to get relevant experience and apply for a license.

Q:What will a masters in school counseling degree prepare me for?

A:Masters in school counseling is a professional degree that will give in depth study of counseling for students at different levels. It includes theories and techniques that help you understand student's needs, their potential, interests and problems. A school counselor's job is to guide the students at different stages of school life.

Q:Is a master school counseling compulsory to get a job as a school counselor?

A:Generally, to be a school counselor you do need to have a master's school counseling degree at least. A master's degree gives the theoretical knowledge and also explores the practical aspects of counseling. With it you can get a school counselor job but the nature of job can determine your level of qualification and some schools may require a specific duration of experience as well.

Q:Is the masters counseling online program considered as valuable as an on campus one?

A:A masters counseling online program can have the same value as an on campus one if is from a credible institute. Before going for an online program it is important to find its accreditation and explore its course work contents. You can compare the course with an on campus one and then opt for the one that is more comprehensive.

Q:Can you tell me about masters counseling programs with reference to clinical psychology?

A:Masters counseling programs with reference to clinical psychology are programs that deal with assessing the mental state of an individual and providing clinical treatment. Often it encompasses treatment of mental illnesses, psychological distress and abnormal behavior. It is more medically oriented and studies different therapies, personal testing, assessment techniques, advanced psychology and such subjects.

Q:Is a masters degree Christian counseling a totally faith based field or are their variations?

A:The field of counseling is not entirely faith based it is entirely up to you if you want to carry on with it on those lines. In fact after completing this degree you will be employed mostly by healthcare facilities and your job will put you in direct contact with people struggling with not just mental and psychological issues, but at time physical disabilities too. As a professional counselor you will be handling personal, social, family, educational, psychological and mental issues. So there will be a lot of variation available.

Q:If I choose to pursue masters degree counseling, what choices do I have in specialization?

A:There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing your specialization options in counseling. The two major courses are legal and ethical counseling. These two then branch out into a number of variations further on. Among the most prominent are medicine and psychology, both offering a lot of diversity. Some of the courses included are: Psychological counseling, Education and school counseling, Substance abuse counseling, Rehabilitation counseling, Marriage & relationship counseling, Family counseling and Vocational or career counseling.

Q:Is it advisable to pursue a masters degree counseling online?

A:counseling degrees are available online as well as on-campus, online programs turn out to become more popular since most people pursuing a masters degree are full time professionals and can not afford to put their careers on hold to concentrate full time on their education. Studying online helps them pursue it in their own time and space.

Q:What is masters degree in addiction counseling?

A:The field of counseling encompasses a lot of ground where psychological problems are concerned. A Masters degree in addiction counseling is also a branch of the same field. However, it is more focused and therefore deals with issues like what leads people into addiction, its consequences and how to help patients caught up addiction to get out of this vicious lifestyle.

Q:Masters degree in career counseling is part of the Human Services program, what other courses are included in human services?

A:There are a lot of career options available in the Human services degrees program. Most are focused on identify psychological ailments, how to approach and treat them. Some of the fields you can branch out to while enrolled in a human services program are: Psychological counseling, Education and school counseling, Substance abuse counseling, Rehabilitation counseling, Marriage & relationship counseling, Family counseling and Vocational or career counseling.

Q:If I pursue my masters degree in christian counseling, will the scope of my services be limited to just faith based issues?

A:Not necessarily! It depends on what you want to be on the basis of your expertise in the field. If you want your counseling to be faith based it is entirely up to you. Otherwise a Master's of counseling degree basically equips you with the basic skills of counseling which will help you understand and deal with the psychological issues of your day to day patients.

Q:After completing my masters degree in counseling, if I want to pursue a Doctorate degree what type of course structure can I expect?

A:For a doctorate degree in counseling you will need to put in 2 to 3 years of relevant coursework. However, if you have previous graduate training in the same field you may opt out of such an extensive course structure. A doctorate in counseling will get you started on an academic career and you can choose to teach this very subject. A doctoral of counseling consists of an original thesis backed by active involvement in publications and conferences.

Q:I know about the masters degree in counseling online, can I pursue my Doctorate degree online too?

A:A doctoral of counseling degree is available online as well as on-campus, since by the time someone is ready to pursue their doctorate in counseling they have a firmly established career in the same field. So online option may suite them fine. Also, it is a much cheaper way of earning an degree than it is on-campus. On campus it takes about 2 to 3 years to complete this degree program, this time span may vary when done online.

Q:After finishing my master's degree in mental health counseling, what more do I need to do to start my own practice?

A:To start your own counseling practice you will need to get your license from the National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE). The NCE is administered by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). People who clear the NCE license exam get their counseling licenses along with the Certified Mental Health Counselor (CMHC), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC).

Q:Can I complete my masters degree in school counseling online?

A:Yes you can definitely pursue your master's degree in school counseling online. In fact there are numerous benefits of an online education that a traditional degree program does not offer to students. These benefits include the comfort of studying from home, cutting down on cost of attendance and no geographical constraints.

Q:Does masters degree in school counseling online have any drawbacks as compared to regular programs?

A:Although some students have this perception that an online master's degree is somehow inferior to a traditional program, this notion is simply untrue. In fact there is no significant difference between an online program and a campus based one. Both of them have the same academic curriculum and admission requirements.

Q:Do I need letters of recommendation for masters degree school counseling?

A:The answer to this will depend on which school you plan to apply to. However most schools do look for letters of recommendation and in instances where schools do not require them, a good letter of recommendation can still surely boost your chances. These letters can be written by your previous instructors or by previous employers.

Q:Is masters degrees in counseling a better option than a diploma?

A:A master's degree in counseling will allow you to explore a wide array of options in the field. Advanced degrees like a master's allow students to pursue senior managerial positions. However you should know that a master's degree program will be more expensive as compared to diploma and will also take longer to complete.

Q:Do I need licensing after masters in college counseling?

A:College counselors who do not provide formal psychological care do not require any license or professional certification. However you can seek a license from National Board for Certified Counselors or from National Association of School Psychologists. Counselors who want to practice clinical psychology must obtain a state license to do so.

Q:What will be my job responsibilities after masters in counseling degree at a college?

A:College counselors have very important and sensitive responsibilities as they advice students on the most consequential decisions of their academic life. College counselors can work in a broad range of positions like admission advisor, academic counselor, placement counselor, career services and can also provide psychological services after the proper training.

Q:Are there any special requirements for masters in counseling online?

A:If you want to pursue an online degree in counseling you will need a reasonable computer and a high speed internet connection. Once you have this you can enroll in any online program in the country or even in the world. You might need to purchase some additional software if your program requires you to.

Q:Can I pursue a doctoral degree after masters in counseling online programs?

A:Yes you can definitely pursue a doctoral degree after you complete your online master's degree in counseling. In fact the courses you study at the graduate level will surely help you in your doctoral program. A terminal degree in your field will significantly enhance your chances of career growth and you can explore lucrative opportunities.

Q:Can I get financial aid for masters in counseling programs?

A:Yes you can get financial aid from various sources for your master's in counseling program. These sources could be state, institutional or federal. You can get financial aid through scholarships, grants, student loans and work study programs. Fill out the FAFSA form to be eligible for aid from federal sources.

Q:Can I take out student loans for my masters in counseling?

A:Yes you can definitely explore the option of student loans for financing your various educational expenditures. In fact these loans help out thousands of students each year to fulfill their academic dreams. Private loans are available more easily and more quickly as compared to federal loans which have a longer approval period.

Q:I am considering a masters in education counseling. Will this academic qualification allow me to progress up the career ladder?

A:This will depend on your individual qualifications and achievements so far. It may be that your employer places a greater emphasis on vocational training. Nonetheless, holding a masters' degree will demonstrate that you have obtained more than a basic understanding and this can only help you with your career path.

Q:Is there is a pre-requisite to have work experience in counseling before applying/attempting a masters in school counseling?

A:There is not normally a pre-requisite of 'on the job' training before applying for a master's program. However, you should get in touch with the admission office of your preferred college(s) and check their own individual requirements. It may be that one or two colleges will require that you have worked in this field before applying.

Q:Is a masters in school counseling online much different from a traditionally taught program?

A:Online programs have been designed to reflect what you refer to as 'traditional programs'. However there cannot be a complete crossover/complete reflection, owing to the different way the program is taught. Nonetheless, most students will not be able to tell the difference in the way they are educated and employers do not regard any online students any less.

Q:Which is the best masters of education in counseling program for me?

A:This is a very subjective question because what is 'best' for one student, may not necessarily be 'best' for another. Different students have different criteria. For some, cost is the most important factor; for others the course content- it just depends on you. Whatever your criteria, you should aim for those programs which are accredited.

Q:Does the masters of school counseling involve any practical training or is it purely academic?

A:This will depend on an individual college's program syllabus. Some programs encourage students to apply what they learn in the classroom/ school- environments. Others require students to master the techniques during the program and then apply the same once they graduate. You should contact the faculty of your preferred college and inquire directly.

Q:If I wish to start a masters program in counseling, must I do it in a local college?

A:This will depend on your finances and any home/family commitments that you have and whether they will allow you to travel/ relocate. However, most online programs can be undertaken anywhere- from home or from your workplace and it does not matter where you are based. Such courses are much more cost effective as you do not have to travel to your college for your classes.

Q:Are there many masters programs counseling available?

A:There are many colleges offering this masters' program. If you use the web-search widget on this website, you will be find all the colleges that we work with that offering counseling programs, at post-graduate level. We are adding more programs and colleges all the time, so if you do not find a program you like, just visit this site regularly!

Q:May I opt out of any subjects, as I have already studied them as part of my bachelor degree, whilst undertaking one of the masters programs in counseling on offer?

A:Typically most colleges are inflexible regarding the opting-out of compulsory, or core, subjects. However some colleges may be prepared to waive participation if they are satisfied that you can still sit the examination. You should check with the faculty of your preferred college(s) and check what their policy is in relation to the same.

Q:If I want a job as a counselor in my local, public school, must I undertake one of a masters' school counseling program?

A:You should check with your local state education board as to their requirements. However it is unlikely that they will require you to have a masters' academic qualification. For them, more importantly, you will need to hold a license allowing you to do this job. A masters may, however, prove invaluable to satisfy the licensing board's requirements.

Q:Would the mental health counseling masters programs help me with my career as a school counselor?

A:In terms of helping you expand your knowledge of the subject matter and a more advanced understand of the issues, then such a program will, naturally, be extremely useful. However, if you are talking about financial remuneration or progression to a higher job position, you should speak to your education board and seek their opinion.

Q:If I undertake an online counseling degree masters and successfully graduate, and then after wish to study for my PhD. Will a doctorate program mind the fact my masters was taken online?

A:It will depend on the admission faculty of your doctorate program and the subject of your PhD. Notwithstanding individual preferences, it should make no difference whatsoever if your masters was undertaken online or in a traditional classroom environment, as the subject content is pretty much the same. Not many colleges will differentiate between the two when considering students.

Q:What materials do I need to study an online counseling degree masters?

A:Other than stationary requirement, the only materials are a personal computer and an active internet connection. If your chosen college/program requires you to have any other equipment/ materials, they will inform you upon confirmation of your admission. If you are particularly concerned then you should contact the faculty of your preferred college(s).

Q:Are there any particular skills required for an online counseling masters?

A:As with an online program, it is very important that you have excellent time management skills. You will also have to be self-motivated to study. Many students find it hard to juggle work and studies at the same time. You must be self-motivated, energetic, and willing to put in extra effort.

Q:May I undertake an online counseling masters degree from a college based in another state?

A:It does not matter where your college is based for an online degree program. This is because the program has been designed to be taught entirely online. Therefore it does not matter where you and the college are based. Conceivably you could be in New York and undertake study from a college in LA.

Q:How does one select a program from the online counseling masters programs that you have on your website?

A:Picking a program is quite a subjective decision. It will vary from individual to individual. Some students find that the most important factor is the course content. For others it would be the cost and the availability of financial aid, grants or scholarships. You should decide what is most important for you.

Q:Will an online master degree counseling teach me all that I need to know to practice as a counselor?

A:No academic program can teach you all that you need for a job. This is because it is inevitable that there are some aspects of the job that you pick up on the job itself. However, such academic programs can give you a solid foundation on which to build your career.

Q:I am already practicing as a counselor, but do not hold a bachelor academic qualification. May I still apply for online master degree in counseling?

A:You will have to check with your preferred college(s) to see what their entry requirements are. It may be that they insist that you must have a bachelor qualification, and sometimes that you must even hold a bachelor qualification in this field, such as psychology. It will vary from college to college.

Q:Is an online masters counseling no different than a classroom program?

A:You are correct. An online counseling course has been designed to be identical to classroom-based programs. However the course is slightly modified to ensure that it can be taught online. As a student, or prospective employer, you will not be able to tell any difference between the two kinds of program.

Q:Can you tell me how to get financial aid for the online masters degree counseling?

A:Before you start looking for financial aid for the Online Masters Degree Counseling, it is important to be able to differentiate between the different aid programs available. there are aid programs offered by the federal government as well as private institutions. these programs usually include loans, grants, and scholarships. to apply for federal aid, a simple FAFSA form must be filled out online. private institutions have a different application process for aid packages.

Q:Which specializations are available in online master’s degree in counseling?

A:If you decide to do an Online Masters Degree in Counseling there are a broad range of options available to you based on your intellectual tendencies and your past areas of expertise. Some of the specializations that you can undertake are clinical counseling, school counseling, wilderness therapy and art therapy.

Q:What will be my primary responsibilities if I take an online masters degree in school counseling?

A:An Online Masters Degree in School Counseling will teach you how to maximize the welfare of your students and encourage them to perform to the best of their abilities. To achieve this end you have to work in tandem with students, their parents and teachers and other school personnel. Counselors should be able to come up with a plan that gives attention to all students and caters to the specialized needs of their school.

Q:What will in study in online masters’ degree programs in counseling?

A:Your study schedule will vary according to your area of expertise and so will your certification requirements. Online Masters Degree Programs in Counseling will equip you with the advanced skills to take on a more responsible role within the community. You will learn child and adolescent therapy, counseling therapy, group therapy, ethical standards, applicable regulations, testing and assessment methods and intervention strategies.

Q:What are the prerequisites to be accepted in online masters’ degrees in counseling?

A:It must be noted that different schools have their own customized selection procedures but generally speaking you will need to have a bachelor's degree. Moreover applicants who have relevant experience and/or have studied counseling, psychology, or sociology have a better chance to be accepted in an Online Masters Degree in Counseling program.

Q:I have heard that graduate education can be expensive, so is there financial aid available for online masters in counseling programs?

A:Yes advanced degrees can prove to be an expensive endeavor in term of financing costs but you can avail the option of financial aid. You can apply for financial aid from the United States government by filing out the FASFA form. It will inform you about how much aid you will get from the government. Moreover Online Masters in Counseling programs generally have their merit based scholarships which can also ease your financial burden if you manage to qualify for them.

Q:Counseling is a very sensitive profession so what code of ethics do I have to follow if I apply for online masters in counseling programs?

A:As you have mentioned yourself about the sensitive nature of the job so there are strict ethical and legal codes that must be observed while you practice your skills as a counselor. The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act prohibit counselors from passing out confidential information regarding marriage issues, addiction, and mental health so that it is not misused by the public. Getting an Online Masters in Counseling Program will mean that you will have to strictly abide by the legal and ethical codes.

Q:What personal skills and attributes do I need for enrolling in online masters programs in counseling?

A:Your work as a counselor will require you to have strong communication and interpersonal skills along with a motivation to help out others. Compassion and empathy are critical in good counselor as you need to be able to relate to the pain of your patients but you also should be able to distance yourself from them in a manner so that you don't internalize their problems. Moreover Online Masters Programs in Counseling will also need you have to a confident and vibrant outlook on life.

Q:What are some of the counseling programs in the educational field that are offered by top counseling masters programs?

A:Education counseling is a major area of specialization which can provide you with some excellent career options and the satisfaction of making a difference in the life of young people. Some of the majors available in the educational field are educational psychology, guidance and counseling and school psychology. So there are a variety of options available if you go for a Top Counseling Masters Programs.

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