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Bachelor in Counseling

Program Structure
A Bachelor of Counseling degree program provides students with the chance to acquire counseling skills and knowledge that can be applied in a variety of situations. Students preparing for a rewarding career in public counseling usually undertake courses in behavioral sciences, human psychology and various other aspects of the field. During the program, students may be taught courses such as:

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Social Policy
  • Expressive Art Therapy
  • Theories of Personality
  • Lifespan Development

Program Coursework Highlights
Individuals wishing to obtain their desired counseling degree from an accredited online distance-learning educational institution in the U.S. are given free hand to specialize in their chosen fields, provided they are directly related to human counseling.

Some of the most commonly available specializations in Bachelor of Counseling are:


  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Christian Counseling
  • Children and Adolescents Counseling
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Marital and Couple Counseling

Admission Criteria
Admission Criteria set by educational institutions offering Bachelor of Counseling degrees in the U.S. may vary from one school to another, however, in most cases, a high school diploma or GED qualification is required to gain entry into these undergraduate degree programs.

Career Prospects
Individuals graduating with accredited Bachelor of Counseling degree qualification from reputable distance-learning educational institutes in the U.S. enjoy brilliant job opportunities in leading public and private health care sector organizations in the country. Most counseling degree graduate serve in positions such as:


  • Child Counselor
  • Military Counselor
  • Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Marriage, Family and Child Counselor
  • Domestic Violence Counselor

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Where can I work after attaining the Bachelor in Counseling degree?

A:The Bachelor in Counseling degree can help you establish a lucrative career as an administrative assistant or researcher who can work under the direct supervision of a certified psychologist. The job titles available to students include school psychologist developmental psychologist and organizational psychologist.

Q:In what areas can students get jobs with a Bachelor in Counseling and Human Services?

A:Students with a bachelor degree in counseling and human services can pursue careers in a number of different areas. Bachelor degree holders in this field can apply for job positions such as probation officers, marriage and family counselors, mediators, drug and treatment counselor, social worker, child care worker, clergy, youth counselor, medical case worker, elder care assistant, and many more.

Q:What are the basic subjects studied in a bachelors in counseling program?

A:A bachelor's degree in counseling is a four year undergraduate qualification. The program entails a number of subjects. These have been mentioned here: theology, general psychology, history, natural science, interviewing and counseling, abnormal psychology, addictions counseling, fundamentals of public speaking, philosophy, social science, English composition, introduction to sociology, crisis intervention, and general biology.

Q:Can you tell me about online counseling bachelor degree programs?

A:Online counseling bachelor degree programs are easily available and the admission criteria can vary from institute to institute. The curriculum can also differ but essentially it focuses on subjects such as social psychology, abnormal psychology, behavior patterns, human development and different therapies and counseling techniques. The curriculum must be checked before opting for an online program.

Q:Can you give me a brief overview of bachelor's degree in counseling program?

A:The bachelor's program in counseling focuses on enhancing interpersonal dialogue to promote the development of relationships. Students will learn about the theory and practice of the counseling practice and will explore psychological vulnerabilities in the target group of adults, couples, adolescents and children. The program also gives a psycho-dynamic perspective to empirical and theoretical research.

Q:Can you tell me about the admission criteria of bachelors in counseling?

A:Admission criteria for a bachelor's in counseling degree can vary from institute to another. However, the general requirement is a high school diploma or GED qualification, which is required to gain admission in undergraduate programs. Make sure that you go for an accredited degree program, while going for bachelor's in counseling.

Q:Can you give me a brief overview of bachelor in pastoral services?

A:The bachelor is pastoral services is designed for students interested in going for professional chaplaincy. The degree usually integrates various topics such as psychological principles, biblical insights, and counseling practices in Christian faith. It also includes academic learning and professional skills. With the programs, students can enhance their existing competencies and acquire skills needed by professional practitioners.

Q:Why is it important to select an accredited program for Bachelors in mental health counseling?

A:It is important for you to go for accredited Bachelor's in mental health counseling, because it can have an impact on the quality of education you receive and also your career. An accredited program meets the standards set by the relevant accrediting agencies, therefore is likely to provide quality education. Employers also prefer graduates from accredited programs for the same reason.

Q:What can I expect to study in American university bachelor of counseling program?

A:A counseling degree is one that focuses on guiding an individual for better adjustment in life. A bachelor's degree is a four year long degree which covers human behavior, communication, human psychology and counseling techniques. It is advised to go for accredited institute if you are serious about making a career in this field.

Q:Can I get BA in counseling online?

A:BA in counseling is an extensive program. It covers understanding human behavior and human psychology and the techniques and skills to provide help to individuals to adapt better in different life situations. It is a four year long degree that may be taken online if the course is entirely theoretical. Some counseling classes may require practical lessons and clinical training as well, therefore some online courses are offered in a hybrid format.

Q:What will I learn in a bachelors in counseling online program?

A:An online bachelor degree in counseling will put you on the academic path towards becoming a qualified counselor. The program will cover a wide range of subjects and will shed light upon the major theories used in this field. You can also take part in internship programs and practically apply your skills. The program has a duration of four years.

Q:Can Counseling Bachelor Degrees be completed online?

A:Online education is the new trend in learning. Now students can earn almost any degree in academic field entirely online. Students do not have to travel to institutes and can convenient study from within their homes at any time of the day. The other benefits that come with online learning are low costs and flexibility.

Q:Tell me about best online counseling bachelor degree programs?

A:Bachelor's in counseling is a four year degree course. With online classes you can however finish the degree program faster as it is dependent on your pace. When selecting an online counseling institute go for those schools that are accredited. Check the counseling subjects and also the mode of learning as some courses may be offered in a hybrid format.

Q:A bs in counseling degree will cover what main subjects/study areas?

A:A Bachelor of Science counseling degree will cover a wide range of course such as human behavior, theoretical research, communication, counseling techniques, human psychology, and more. Students are required to cover each of these subjects successfully in order to qualify for the degree. Now counseling programs are also being offered online.

Q:What are the admission requirements for the Bachelor Counseling program?

A:For eligibility into a bachelor's program in counseling, students need a minimum completion of a high school diploma or a GED. Some schools may also require the student to have done some foundation courses in high school. Apart from his student may have to submit an application form along with other relevant documents.

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