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Associates Degree in Counseling

Counseling is a branch of psychology that is a major field in the US and the UK as people with an education in counseling psychology are considered an important part of many fields where they are responsible for the personal and psychological development and well-being of individuals. There are various types of counseling subcategories that range in all forms psychological work which includes research and applied work. It is due to the vast applications of this discipline that Associate in Counseling degrees are in such high demand.

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An Associate in Counseling degree is a two year degree program that can be attended after the completion of high school. This course is offered by a large number of community colleges all over the US. This is a basic level degree that prepares a learner for an entry-level position within the psychology field or for a further education in this discipline. This program teaches learners the various aspects of human psychology and trains them on how to deal with various mental health programs as well as methods of counseling couples, abused children, trauma victims and other patients that need psychological guidance. The course features basic theoretical study of subjects such as:
·  Counseling Process and Outcome
·  Prevention and Health
·  Career Development and Counseling
·  Supervision and Training
Further Education and Career Prospects
Once someone has completed an Associate in Counseling degree, they can either start working straight away or transfer the credits they have earned from this degree to a bachelor’s degree program in any university. In order to work as a fully qualified counselor, a PhD is required so if a learner wished to go the whole way, they will have to follow their bachelor’s degree up with a master’s degree and then with a doctorate. People who want to start work straight away can work in the field of healthcare at entry level positions such as being an assistant to a psychologist or working in the mental health wards of treatment facilities.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the associates degree in counseling?

A:The associate degree in counseling is an undergraduate degree which is typically undertaken after completing high school or a GED. The program, if taken on campus will be two years long. However, choosing to do the degree online can vary the length of the program to your specifications. Most schools will, however have minimum and maximum time limits in which to finish the degree.

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