Distance Education Law

What is meant by distance education law?
You can pursue your career in law from the comfort of your home by pursuing a distance education law program. The distance learning has opened doors to incorporating the stream of students who have constraints of location and time associated with them. Now, the distance education in law is helping many aspiring candidates to gain their legal degrees by being a part of an online classroom.

Apart from the usual aspects of legal studies, new concepts are gradually becoming part of law education. These include:

Cyber law
intellectual property law (copyright, patents, trademarks, designs),
Technology law (IT),
Securities law,
ADR (alternative dispute resolution)

Ideal candidates for distance education law
The following candidates are ideal for pursuing distance education law degree:
Practicing legal professionals like LLBs
Company secretaries
Chartered accountants
Usually these candidates carry out their professions and pursue a distance education law degree along side. Many of these candidates want to enhance their knowledge about the legalities of the business as well understand how legal policies are developed. After developing know-how about the business and legal issues, they become better equipped to handle the legal matters of any organization where they are employed.

Average salaries for candidates with law distance education
The starting salary for a fresh candidate with law distance education working as a paralegal is in the bracket of $38,000 - $ 52,000.
The average salary for a compliance specialist is between 49,000 - $66,000.
The average salary for an attorney is in the range of $75,000 to $100,000.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the advantage of studying Distance Education Cyber Law?

A:The Distance Education Cyber Law program is a very flexible and cheap alternative to on-campus education.

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