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Masters in Legal Studies

Not to be confused with an LL.M. or J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree, the Master’s in Legal Studies program teaches students about the law as well as legal institutions and processes in a broader sense. This is a 2-year interdisciplinary degree which is ideal for people who need additional knowledge and understanding of the law. It is also a good choice for individuals who want to pursue a career requiring a legal background.

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Please note that earning a Master’s in Legal Studies will not make you eligible to become a lawyer. Credit transfer to a law school will not be possible either. If you are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Legal Studies, then you need to read this piece. All the important details about what the program entails are provided here.                        

What Is Legal Studies?

Legal Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that revolves around the relationship between law and society. It takes a look at the influence of law on the cultural, social, economic and political forces existing in a society. In the United States, students taking up legal studies are usually provided a broad understanding of the legal system, the formation of laws and the major players in the legal process.     

What Can You Do with a Master’s Degree in Legal Studies?

After completing a Master’s degree in Legal Studies, you can pursue employment in different areas both within and outside the American legal system. Common occupations for such degree holders include Court Reporter, Paralegal and Legal Assistant, Court Clerk/Administrator, Compliance Executive/Director, Private Investigator, Legal Consultant, Federal Regulatory Agent, etc.

To help you understand what sort of compensation you can expect, the salary details for a few of these jobs have been provided in the section that follows. All the data has been obtained from the most up-to-date records of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Court, Municipal and License Clerks

Court, Municipal and License Clerks are responsible for performing clerical duties in a court of law, government licensing agency or municipality.

Annual Median Salary, 2019


Job Outlook, 2018-2028

7% (Court Reporters)

Annual Mean Salary, 2019


State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019



State with the Highest Salary, 2019

New York



Court Reporters

Court Reporters are responsible for transcribing each and every conversation during a hearing, trial or any other type of legal proceeding.

Annual Median Salary, 2018


Job Outlook, 2018-2028


Annual Mean Salary, 2018


State with the Highest Employment Level, 2018



State with the Highest Salary, 2018

New York



Paralegals and Legal Assistants

Paralegals and Legal Assistants perform different tasks to support lawyers in their cases. Their work normally includes research on opposing counsel, maintaining records of court proceedings in every case, etc. 

Annual Median Salary, 2019


Job Outlook, 2018-2028


Annual Mean Salary, 2019


State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019



State with the Highest Salary, 2019

District of Columbia



What to Expect from a Master’s Degree in Legal Studies?

You will need about 2 years to complete a Master’s in Legal Studies. Requirements relating to the credit hours, curriculum and acceptable GPA (Grade Point Average) are likely to vary for different schools. The coursework mostly covers areas like Basics of Law, Business Fundamentals, Law and Literature, Human Rights Law, Research Methods, Legal Professional Ethics, Theory and Practice of Negotiation, Cyber Law, Corporate Law, American Politics, Civil Actions, Legal Writing and Research, Civil Actions, Legislative Processes, Constitutional Law and Social Theory, etc.

How to Choose a Master’s in Legal Studies Program?

When choosing a destination for your Master’s degree in Legal Studies, the most important thing to consider is the accreditation status of the program. Programs related to law are usually accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) while the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the US Department of Education also oversee such matters. Other things that should influence your decision include program cost, campus location, curriculum and research opportunities, etc.    

Master’s in Legal Studies Admission Requirements

Entrance requirements tend to differ from one educational institution to another. In general, students will need to have a Bachelor’s degree along with an acceptable GRE (Graduate Record Examination) score depending on the threshold maintained by a particular school. Some work experience may also be needed.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the course on Statistical Analysis in the Master in Paralegal Studies?

A:The Master in Paralegal Studies have dedicated course on Statistical Analysis. This course is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the foundations of the basic level statistical analysis. Students are also provided with the concepts of measure location and dispersion. Students are also provided with ample hands on experience.

Q:My search for master degree in paralegal studies mentioned a course on legal analysis. What is the premise of this course?

A:Course on legal analysis would be mentioned when searching for master degree in paralegal. This course primarily deals with legal rules, facts and issues. Students with the help of this course also learn about legal analysis and procedure of applying opinion to legal situation and clients. Students interested in this course are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:AAfPE was mentioned when searching for Master in Paralegal degrees. What is purpose of this organization?

A:AAfPE would be mentioned when searching for Master in Paralegal degrees. This organization is responsible for promoting quality paralegal education in the United States. The organization accomplishes by acting as an information portal that guides students about paralegal institutions. Students also get an opportunity to learn about different institutions and the importance accreditations.

Q:What is the duration of the master in paralegal studies?

A:The Master In Paralegal Studies is a two year degree program when opted in a traditional campus based institute. The duration for the program can differ if the degree is chosen in a different type of program such as accelerated, executive, and online program. It can be completed in the accelerated program in 18 months, executive in 3 years or more, and online in as much time as the student sees fit.

Q:How quickly can I complete my masters degree in paralegal studies?

A:The Masters Degree In Paralegal Studies can be completed in 2 years typically. However, it can be completed in as much time the student wants when opted in an online program. Students get to make their own schedules and take the class at a time of their own. Online programs are also considered cheaper in monetary terms when compared to campus based programs.

Q:The masters degree paralegal studies offers what type of courses?

A:There are two types of courses being offered in the Masters Degree Paralegal Studies. These include the core and the elective courses. The core courses include basic introductory courses which are compulsory for all students to complete. Once the core courses are completed, only then can the student take the elective courses and get done with the degree.

Q:Which school offers the paralegal master degree?

A:The Paralegal Master Degree is a professional level degree offered by a number of schools. Interested students can browse through our website and find various schools offered the degree. It can be opted in a campus based institute and an online school. Students can fetch admission details by requesting them via our website.

Q:What is the benefit of taking the paralegal masters degree online?

A:The online Paralegal Masters Degree offers a number of benefits over the campus based degree in paralegal studies. The online program allows students to complete the course at a pace of their own and take as much time as they see fit. They get to make their own class schedules and take the class from anywhere in the world with just a single internet connection.

Q:What will be the learning outcomes of a master in legal paralegal studies program?

A:By the end of your masters you will be able to conduct research with the help of relevant resources, prepare documents on the basis of factual investigation, analysis and legal research; use legal terminology, concepts of law, and rules of ethical legal practice to the performance of paralegal services; perform as a professional and effective member of the legal services deliver teams; carry out extensive legal work under the direction and supervision of an attorney, as permitted by law.

Q:How long are master of legal studies programs?

A:A master's course will typically take two years of study, however with online masters you can set your own pace of study and can shorten or lengthen the course duration based on your preference. A master of legal studies can be undertaken part time or full time, on-campus or online. The duration of the masters will vary according to all the above mentioned factors along with the directives of the school you will be studying at.

Q:What admission requirements do I need for a master in legal studies?

A:Admission requirements for a legal master degree will vary from school to school. However, in most cases, to pursue a master degree the student must hold a bachelor's degree from an institute recognized by regional accreditation agencies. Most universities will require an application form, resume, statement of purpose and transcripts of prior education. These requirements are standardized for online and on-campus degrees.

Q:What are the program objectives of a masters in legal studies?

A:The master's in legal studies degree program focuses on several areas of the law, in addition to providing various concentrations such as sports law, corporate law, criminal law, tort law, real estate law, banking law, health law, international law and family law. The program also introduces you to legal reasoning and law in general, regulations, legislation, criminal procedures and civil procedures.

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