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Master in Teaching Science

Earning a Master of Teaching Science degree can help you establish a promising career as a teacher. There are many rewarding jobs that you can find by earning this academic recognition. You will learn various teaching concepts and also how to disseminate the knowledge of science to students at different levels. Master of Teaching Science programs will also help you learn how to design science curriculum and implement learning technologies.

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The Scope of Master of Teaching Science Degree Programs
Master of Teaching Science degree programs take 1 to 3 years to complete. They are offered by regular as well as online institutes. Some of the courses covered in this program are:
School Science Curriculum
Applications of Technology in Science Education
Educational Research Methodology
Conceptual Development in Science
You can choose from a number of specializations in Master of Teaching Science programs. These include:
Educational administration
Curriculum design
Educational technology

By earning a Master of Teaching Science degree you can work as:
Science teacher
Science administrator
You can earn up to $75,000 annually and also have great growth opportunities as well.

Online Master of Teaching Science Degree Programs
Other than the regular institutes, you can also choose to earn a Master of Teaching Science degree from the online colleges. The online programs are more flexible compared to the regular master’s degree programs. Also, studies in an online Master of Teaching Science degree can be managed from any location.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What new skills would I learn with a Master in Teaching Science?

A:Through Master in Teaching Science, students will learn a host of new skills. Students will get an in depth understanding of science education theory, critically evaluate research and development in the field, apply scientific ideas to practice and provide insights to latest developments in the scientific field. Contrary to popular belief, these professionals can find themselves working in a number of industries other than education.

Q:Can I pursue a masters of Science Education online?

A:Due to the popularity online education has gained almost every subject being taught in a normal on-campus classroom is now available online as well, so yes even a Master's degree in Science Education is available online. By choosing to pursue your Masters in Science Education online you will get a lot more flexibility and cost effectiveness.

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