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Bachelor in Teaching Science

Bachelor of Teaching Science

Overview of Field
The Bachelor of Teaching Science prepares you to enter teaching positions in science in primary, secondary and post-secondary institutions. While the Bachelor of Teaching Science will teach you some fundamentals of science, the focus is on how to communicate concepts given the traditional struggle of students to grasp science. The field is growing in importance with the realization that the future progress of the nation relies on science and technology.

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Structure and duration of the degree program
The Bachelor of Teaching Science is a fairly rigid program. Students take mostly defined courses over the first three years of the program and are gradually exposed to practically teaching in groups and at local schools in the community.

Highlights of the coursework
The Bachelor of Teaching Science has a growing emphasis on the use of technology including mobile devices and social networks to teach science. Teachers today are expected to be well versed with the platforms used to distribute content.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Those with a high school diploma are eligible to apply. But the coursework should include exposure to biology, chemistry and physics and some laboratory work since such skills will be assumed for students in the program.

Career prospects and average salary
The Bachelor of Teaching Science supplemented with a strong academic background in science is the ideal combination to teach in the field. Teachers in science are often paid more than teachers in other subjects given the technical nature of the discipline.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What do you get to learn in Bachelor of Teaching Science?

A:Bachelor of Teaching Science is considered as a double-degree qualification. You will get to select a major for Bachelor of Teaching Science among Mathematics, Analytical Chemistry and Biology. Apart from the chosen major there is a list of compulsory subjects. On the completion of the program, you will easily be qualified for a teaching job.

Q:What can I do with a B.S. in Teaching & Learning?

A:With a B.S. in teaching and learning, you can work as a Preschool Teacher, public school teacher, substitute and assistant teacher, and more. Typical job duties may include: grading papers, putting together lesson plans, and giving individual attention to students who are struggling in academics. It is important to remember that the minimum requirements for teaching jobs may vary from state to state.

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