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Master in K12 Education

A master in K12 education provides aspiring teachers with the knowledge and training that can help make the education system more efficient and effective. You’ll learn how to design comprehensive and modern curricula based on modern theory, latest technology and comprehensive research. The primary objective would be to make the instructional design more useful. Students are also provided training in classroom management, student assessment, and other related areas.

Program Curriculum

Typically, you’ll be required to take up the required courses along with a few electives. In this way, you’ll be able to tailor your program according to your interests and career objectives. The program curriculum will vary depending on the institute that you enroll in. However, to give you a general idea, following is a list of some courses that you may be required to undertake in a Master in K-12 education.

  • Foundations of Educational Leadership
  • Assessment and Improvement of Instruction
  • Standards-Based Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Strategies for Eliminating the Achievement Gap
  • Standards and the K–12 Mathematics Curriculum
  • The Art of Planning Science Instruction: Creating the Engaged Science Student

As a graduation requirement, you’ll have to maintain a minimum acceptable grade in all of the courses. Several institutes give you the opportunity to gain hands-on and practical training by taking part in an internship, which is an essential component of the program.

Some programs may also give you an opportunity to build a professional portfolio while studying. This’ll help indicate your specialized capabilities and skills to prospective employers.

Admission Requirements

Students who wish to enroll in Master in K-12 education should hold a bachelor’s degree from an institute that is accredited by the department of Education, an accrediting agency or an internationally recognized institution. Moreover students will have to provide their official transcripts, a minimum GPA score, and in some cases, an application fees. Other requirements may vary from one school to another.

Online Master in K12 Education

Due to the advancements in technology, an increasing number of students are turning to online education. Whereas some institutes offer completely online programs, others offer hybrid degrees that require students to attend some campus-based classes too.

Online programs are appropriate for professionals who are already working in academia but want to enhance their knowledge and skills for improved job prospects. They’ll potentially be able to study according to their own schedule.

While choosing a school, students should ensure that it is accredited. Accreditation indicates that the school meets national or state standards in terms of the quality of education and services provided.

Career Outlook

With a Master in K-12 in Education, there are various career options that you may seek. The roles in this field range from K–12 teacher, school curriculum coach, college instructor, or K–12 educational consultant. The organizations that deal in imparting K-12 education include public schools, private schools, alternative schools, online schools, or state education departments.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), elementary school teachers made a median wage of $53,090 per year in 2012.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you please name a few courses I will cover in a master of k12 education degree?

A:A masters degree in k12 education will cover a range of subjects such as: foundations of educational leadership, standards-based curriculum, classroom management studies, assessment and improvement of instruction, planning and instruction, work analysis, technology skills, and more. The exact curriculum will vary from school to school. You can search for more detail on our page.

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