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Bachelor in K12 Education

Overview of the Field
K12 Education programs are suitable for the ones who want to teach at kindergarten through high school level. These degree programs are offered by both regular as well as distance learning institutes. K12 Education can be divided into elementary, middle and secondary school. Bachelor in K12 Education in elementary education enables learners to teach students in kindergarten to 6th grade while bachelor's degree in middle school education prepares students to educate children in grades 4-9. Undergraduate program in secondary education allows students to teach at high school level. After earning this degree, students need to get license to practice teaching.

Bachelor in K12 Education Program
Undergraduate program in K12 Education takes 4 years to complete in regular institutes. Students who choose to earn this degree through distance learning schools can complete this program at their own pace. To enroll in Bachelor of K12 Education students generally need to have a high school diploma or GED qualification. Some schools may also require learners to complete placement testing. Other requirement for admission may vary from institute to institute.
Coursework in Bachelor in K12 Education depends on the field in which students opt to focus their studies. In elementary education programs, students cover courses like child development, assessment of young children in educational settings, language development in young children and incorporating health. Coursework in middle school programs include liberal arts classes, psychology in early adolescence, human development, philosophy in middle childhood education. Aspiring high school teachers will have to go through courses like effective teaching practices, psychology of education, curriculum and instruction for high school-aged students and educational leadership.
Career Outlook
Completing K12 Education Bachelor programs can lead students to a promising career in the education sector. According to statistics, job opportunities for K12 teachers are to increase at a great rate in the coming years. This is why enrolling in Bachelor in K12 Education degrees can lead students to lucrative careers. Professionals with Bachelor of K12 Education degrees can earn $47,830 to $52,200 on an annual basis.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the course on College Mathematics in the bachelor in K12 education?

A:The Bachelor in K12 Education has dedicated course on College Mathematics. This course usually is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with strong understanding of the comprehensive level reviews of mathematical concepts. Students are also highlighted on the concepts of geometry and decimal notations in this course for better learning.

Q:Can you please guide me about the main degrees in bachelor of k12 education?

A:The coursework in bachelor's degree programs in k-12 education are primarily specific to the grade level or subject one plans to teach. A degree in early childhood education program prepares one to teach grades K-3, a degree in elementary education prepares one to teach grades 1 to 6 while a degree for teaching middle or high school would focus on the specific subject you intend to teach.

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