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Associate in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood is an important time during the life of a child when physical and social skills are acquired that prepare for future development. An Associate of early childhood education is necessary for anyone preparing for a career as a teacher at a day care center, preschool or kindergarten.
Program Structure and Coursework

An Associate of early childhood education degree spans two years. During the course of the program, students learn about child growth and development as well as how to teach young children. This degree enables graduates to work with children of up to five years of age. Courses taught include sociology, psychology, cognitive child development and early childhood education methods. Students also learn about literacy development and how to assess children. Most Associate programs require the completion of an internship at a school or child care facility in order to graduate.
Careers in Early Childhood Education
With an Associate degree in early childhood education, you can find career options that involve teaching young children. Roles available include child care worker at day care centers. You also have the option of working as a preschool teacher, where you teach skills and concepts such as colors, numbers and letters to children from age two to age five. The average salary for someone with an Associate degree in this field ranges between 20,000 to 35,000 US dollars.

How long does it take to complete an Associate in Early Childhood Education?

There are many schools, such as the Aspen University, the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Mesa Community College, that are offering an Associate in Childhood Education. This program generally takes up to 2 years to complete. It trains individuals to help children develop their physical, emotional, social and intellectual abilities. Students who graduate from this program have a solid understanding of important aspects of childhood development, curriculum planning and education theory.

What are the requirements to complete an Associate in Early Childhood Education?

In order to obtain an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education, students are expected to complete around 60-68 credits. They are required to study modules such as Child Development, Skills for Early Childhood Teachers, Child Guidance, Children with Special Needs and Early Learning. This program uses hands-on training and specialized classroom instructions to prepare students for successful careers in the teaching profession.

How much can I make after completing an Associate in Early Childhood Education?

After completing the Associate in Childhood Education, individuals can pursue their careers as preschool teachers and administrators. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, preschool teachers made an annual median pay of $29,780 in 2018. In 2016, the number of jobs in this field was 478,500. It is predicted that the employment in this field is expected to grow by 10% from 2016-2026, which is much faster than the average for all other professions. 

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the duration of the Associate in Interdisciplinary Studies - Early Childhood Development program?

A:The Associate of Sciences in Interdisciplinary Studies - Early Childhood Development is a two year program, if pursued in a regular campus based school. The duration changes if the degree is taken online. Online Associate of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies - Early Childhood Education is a self paced program and can be completed from any location.

Q:What is the course work of self paced ECE classes online?

A:You will get to study a number of courses in self paced ECE classes online. Some of the topics you will come across include, growth and development of the young child, care of the infant, child guidance practices, introduction to the early childhood profession, multicultural perspectives in child development and education, science and nature for the young child, child care environment and music, creative arts movement for the young child.

Q:Can you brief me on associate in early childhood education?

A:Associate in early childhood education is a two year long degree that focuses on child growth and development. This time is of particular importance in a child's life as these are the foundational years. After completing the degree you can get jobs n preschool, day care centers or elementary schools.

Q:Will an associates degree in ece exempt me from a few courses at bachelor level?

A:An associates degree in early childhood education will help you acquire fundamental knowledge about this teaching field. You will cover a wide range of introductory courses and subjects. If you plan on study early childhood education at bachelor level, you can skip a few introductory courses. However, this can vary from institute to institute.

Q:What is an associates in early childhood degree aimed at?

A:An associate's degree in early childhood education is aimed at providing students with basic teaching concepts. The curriculum covers a range of topics that form a solid foundation of knowledge in students. One can better prepare for advanced courses in the same field. Associates degree can be completed in two years and are easily available online.

Q:I would like to know a little about associate in education careers?

A:An associate degree in education is an undergraduate degree. The program can help one qualify for entry level or assistant level careers in the field of education. The program covers basic teaching concepts and strategies used in today's modern classrooms. With this degree, individuals can apply for teaching assistant jobs.

Q:In an associate early childhood development program, what subjects will I cover?

A:An associate degree in early childhood development will cover a number of fundamental courses. This program is ideal for those who are seeking assistant level and entry level jobs in this field. The main subjects studied include: English, humanities, child growth and development, principles and practices of teaching, family and community, health and safety, observation and assessment, curriculum development, and spiritual development.

Q:Should I get an associate degree in child care to teach at a professional level?

A:With an associate degree in child care, you cannot qualify for a teaching license. Licenses are only given to individuals who have earned at least a bachelor degree in teaching. You can work as an assistant with an associate degree. The program will equip you with basic concepts and skills about child care.

Q:What kinds of jobs can I qualify for with an associate degree in early childhood education kindergarten?

A:An associate degree in early childhood education is an undergraduate degree. Students can earn this degree prior to enrolling in a bachelor level program. The qualification can only lead to entry level careers, mostly as assistants. For more high paying careers in the field, you will need to have at least a bachelor degree in early childhood education.

Q:Can you be a preschool teacher with an aa in early childhood education?

A:Unfortunately, no you cannot be a preschool teacher with an AA degree in early childhood education. The field of teaching requires professionals with at least a bachelor degree. One can only apply for a teaching license after earning a bachelor degree, and without a license, joining the professional world of education is not possible.

Q:Can you teach kindergarten with an associates degree in early childhood education?

A:You can teach kindergarten students as an assistant teacher. To become a proper early childhood teacher, it is necessary to have bachelor level qualifications in the area. Licenses for teaching professionals are only possible after completing a bachelor degree. An associate degree is a pre-bachelor program and is a great way to prepare for advanced studies.

Q:Can you have an associates degree in early childhood development to be a kindergarten teacher without a license?

A:No, without a teaching license, you cannot work as a teacher at any level of education. An associate degree is an entry level program that focuses on fundamental concepts and skills. After completing this program, you will also have to earn a bachelor degree. Teaching licenses are only issued to individuals who have earned at least a bachelor level education.

Q:How can I do an associates degree in early childhood education?

A:The associate's degree in early childhood education is for students who have completed a high school diploma or an equivalent GED qualification. This associate degree is an undergraduate foundation course which is normally used to either pursue a bachelor's degree or gain employment at an entry level teaching or child care worker position.

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