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Post Grad Certificates in Adult Education

Teaching adults can be a highly rewarding career. The satisfaction of teaching willing learners, who really want to master a particular subject despite of being out of school, is substantial. Post Grad Certificates in Adult Education offer aspiring teachers an outlet for a promising career in adult education.

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Brief overview of Post Grad Certificates in Adult Education program

The main objectives of a post graduate certificate in adult education program are to inculcate and develop a sense of capacity building and professional competency in all those individuals who are interested in the fields of adult education. This vigorous program would provide an extensive knowledge and understanding about the different aspects of theory, programs and policies of adult education as well as promote and establish a diverse range of approaches to organizing and managing a learning set up designed exclusively for adults.

Educational Requirements

To get a post graduate certificate in adult education, students must have at least a bachelor’s degree. The Post Grad Certificate in Adult Education is usually attained in 6 months-1 year, depending on the type of the program being offered by the respective university. Many universities offer a full time as well as a part time option, with the duration usually ranging from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of two years. The major courses studied for a post graduate certificate in adult education usually range from topics in understanding adult education to policy planning as well as implementation of adult education . The basic idea of these courses is to enable individuals to have a thorough knowledge of the requirements of teaching adults and helping them administer coursework as well as evaluate the performance of their students.

Work Environment

After successfully getting Post Graduate Certificates in adult education, individuals can work as Adult literacy and General Education Development teachers and are mostly employed by community colleges, community based organizations and public schools. Adult literacy teachers usually instruct adults in basic skills such as reading and writing English. They also help their students to earn their high school diplomas and other certificates their students wish to attain.

After getting a Post Grad Certificate in Adult Education, individuals who wish to pursue teaching should also possess a number of important qualities. They can include good communication skills to enable the teachers to talk to their students about their goals as well to collaborate with program administrators; good instructional skills to explain things in the terms which students can easily understand; cultural sensitivity to be understanding and respective of students’ cultural backgrounds and problems as well patience to help struggling students work effectively.

Job Outlook and Pay

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment of adult literacy and General Education Development ( GED) teachers is expected to grow by 15 per cent from 2010 to 2020, which is roughly as fast as the average of all occupations. The outlook is positive as growth is expected from continued immigration to the US and demand for adult education programs. As far as the pay, the median annual wage of adult literacy and GED teachers was $46,530 in May 2010.


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