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Certificate in Adult Education

Overview of Field
Adult education is generally referred to as ‘training and development’. Programs in this field are offered by colleges, secondary schools, community colleges and lifelong learning centers. Some folk high schools and universities also offer these training programs. The objective of adult education programs is to train adults in a particular field of specialization which enables them to pursue a rewarding new career or improves their existing career opportunities. Certificate in Adult Education allows students to find more or better job opportunities in little time. Other than campus based institutes, these programs are also offered over the internet.

Featured Programs

Adult Education Certification can be of various types. Depending on the individual career goals of a student, he or she can opt to enroll in a program such as General Education Development, English as a Second Language or Citizenship. Students can also get into management training certificates, computer programming certificates or equipment training certificate programs. 

Admissions requirement to enroll in Adult Education Certificate programs vary from one course to another. Generally, candidates need a high schools diploma or GED to get into these programs.

Who Should Enroll in Adult Education Certification?

These programs are designed for adults who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Those who did not get a chance to complete a degree program when they were young can also get into Adult Education Certification programs to find better jobs. Adults who like to deepen their knowledge in any concentration can also enroll in these short programs.

Coursework in Adult Education Certificate
Some of the courses students will study in Adult Education Certificate programs include math, reading, writing, English grammar, vocabulary, business, management and other soft or technical skills.

Career Prospects
Students who complete a Certificate in Adult Education can earn up to $110,000 on an annual basis. The best and most rewarding job opportunities for the ones who earn a certificate in this concentration can be found within the corporate sector.

Certificate in Adult Education Online
Individuals who are already engaged in some job and wish to perk up their knowledge can get into online Certificate in Adult Education programs. These programs are highly flexible and cost effective. Thus adults can enroll in them and complete them at their own convenience.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Certificate in Adult Education?

Many schools in the United States, such as the Indiana University Bloomington, the Walden University, and Penn State University, are offering a certificate in adult education. This certificate is suited for people who teach programs to adults but do not have a master’s degree in adult education. So, this certificate basically helps improve their career prospects. These programs help professionals teach and develop adult learning programs for adult literacy, self enrichment, vocational education, and employee training.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Certificate in Adult Education?

In order to obtain a certificate in adult education, program participants have to complete approximately 12-15 credit hours. They have to study modules like ESL, Program Planning and Administration, Distance Education, Educational Technology, or Adult Learning. The curriculum of these programs helps to equip educators of adults with skills and knowledge to perform various roles, such as an advocate, program planner, facilitator and teacher.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Certificate in Adult Education?

A certificate in adult education can help you improve your career prospects as an adult educator. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual median pay of Adult Literacy and High School Equivalency Diploma Teachers was $53,630 in 2018. The number of jobs available in this field in 2018 was 67,200.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q: What is an adult education certificate or continuing education certificate?

A:An adult education certificate or in other words, a continuing education certificate is a program developed for working individuals who wish to increase their skill set and knowledge in training other adults. The program focuses on theory and practice of adult teaching methodologies. The basic objective is to help individuals attain a qualification or certification that will enhance future job opportunities and career prospects.

Q:What is taught in the Principles of Public Speaking course of the Certificate in Adult Education?

A:The Principles of Public Speaking is an introductory course of the Certificate in Adult Education. This 3 credits worth course is designed to teach the students the very basic aspects of of developing skills of public speaking. Some of the areas covered include speech criticism, listening, analysis of the audience, writing the speech, as well as finding effective techniques of delivery.

Q:What are the different types of Adult Education Certifications and their duration?

A:Adult Education Certifications are the certificate programs offered with a specialization in Adult Education. There are different types of Certification programs. These include management training certificates, equipment training certificate, and computer programming certificates. The certificate in adult education is for one year, irrespective of which type of training certification is opted and which area of specialization.

Q:Are online continuing education certificate programs more convenient than traditional campus based programs?

A:Online continuing education certificate programs can be more convenient than traditional campus based programs. Online education allows students to continue with their employment by while studying. The curriculum for these programs is extensive with every topic discussed in detail. Students also find online education relatively cheaper as students save money on travel and accommodation. Prospective students interested in online education are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:Are there advantages to accredited adult learning certification?

A:Yes you should look to enroll in accredited online programs as these have plenty of advantages. Accredited schools have to adhere to a certain set of standards and they generally offer better instruction to students. In addition to this there are many employers who prefer to hire graduates from accredited schools.

Q:Can I get a certificate in adult learning in a shorter duration of time?

A:Certificate in adult learning is meant to be completed in a shorter duration of time as compared to degree programs. If you want to complete the adult learning course faster you can check the accelerated programs that allow you to finish the course at a faster speed. Completing the course quickly you can step into the practical field.

Q:What does adult certificate training includes?

A:Adult certificate training is focused to help adult learners build on their existing knowledge and channelize it in a more productive manner. The certificate course gives a well rounded knowledge of adult education and can focus on distance learning, education technology and such areas. Students can look for roles in education centers and corporate sector after completing it.

Q:Can I find adult education endorsement programs, degrees, and certificates online?

A:There are universities and colleges that offer adult education endorsements, degrees and certificates through distance learning. While opting for online programs, the curriculum must be checked to find if relevant subjects are being offered. The courses rely on video conferencing, presentations, emails and online instruction as the mode of learning.

Q:Will adult education certification programs help me take my career to the next level?

A:Yes, an adult education certificate program can take your career to the next level. This program allows a student to boost his or her knowledge and also acquire more skills. Certificate programs are used in many other occupations as a means to improve income levels and job prospects. These programs can be earned online or through vocational schools.

Q:I was wondering if the adult certificate courses online will provide me with the same quality of education that the on campus programs do?

A:Yes, the adult certificate courses online are in no way inferior to the on campus programs. Online programs are just a more flexible and convenient option for students who cannot take out time for on campus education due to their other commitments. Online education programs use many learning resources and interactive activities, for the students to acquire quality education. You also save on additional costs associated with on campus education, while going for the online programs.

Q:I am looking to improve my public speaking skills. Do you think an online adult certification program will help me get the right skills?

A:Yes, if you go for an accredited adult certification program in public speaking you will definitely learn the skills you are looking for. An accredited online program is as good as the on campus program, as the method and curriculum is approved by the relevant authorities. You will also benefit from the latest methods of online education which will help you learn better.

Q:I wish to learn the latest methods in teaching pre-school children. Do you think the adult education certificate programs will help?

A:One of the main aims of adult education certificate programs is to equip students with the latest methods and advancements that have taken place over time. If you go for any of the accredited adult education certificate programs, you will acquire quality education and will definitely learn about the latest methods in pre-school education.

Q:If I become certified in adult learning, will my work performance improve immediately?

A:If you become certified in adult learning, your knowledge and skills will be enhanced. You will also get to know about better ways to perform your work responsibilities. Your work performance and career opportunities are likely to grow with the adult certification, as you will be able to apply the knowledge and skills gained from the program.

Q:If I become certified in adult learning, will it help me improve my performance at work?

A:If you become certified in adult learning, your knowledge and skills will be improved. You will also acquire better ways to perform your work responsibilities. Your work performance and career opportunities are likely to grow with the adult certification, as you will be able to apply the knowledge and skills gained from the program.

Q:How long is a certification in adult education?

A:Adult education certification is offered in different areas and therefore their tenure also varies depending on the nature of studies or training. Generally, they can be completed in a matter of few months or may even take up to a year. You can find adult education classes online as well.

Q:What is the Eligibility to get Certificate in Adult Education?

A:To successfully complete a certification program in adult education, you must complete the course components. A high diploma must be needed to enroll in any certificate program. There are also a few post graduate of graduate certificate programs that can only be pursued after completion of a bachelor degree in adult education or a relevant field.

Q:Can i get a job with a certification in adult education?

A:You can check out the availability of jobs in this field. Many employers are seeking individuals who have acquired a certification in adult learning. However, the requirements for this career may vary a little from place to place. It is best that you conduct a search online, or go through our page to find out more about adult education.

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