Bachelors in Homeland Security

Earning a bachelor of homeland security prepares students to work within the law enforcement or public administration sectors. This degree program is offered by several campus based as well as online colleges. Careers in homeland security are can be built up through a range of related job opportunities. Students with a bachelor of homeland security can work in various field including national security, corrections and law enforcement.

The Scope of Bachelor of Homeland Security Degrees
Bachelor of homeland security degree program usually spans from 3-5 years. Students undertake a number of courses which allow them to build a career in this area of specialization. Some of the courses covered in this degree program are:
Public relations
Public safety system integration
Critical incident management
Physical sciences
Students who earn bachelor of homeland security can enroll in master's degree program and give a boost to their careers.

Career Outlook
Bachelor of homeland security degree holders can work in various rewarding sectors. They can find jobs in
Law enforcement
National security
Public safety and administration

Earning a bachelor of homeland security degree helps students become eligible for positions such as :
Public administrators
Political scientists
Criminal justice professionals

O*Net states that professionals engaged in other homeland security-related occupations such as Emergency Management Directors and security management specialists had median annual wages of $59,770 and $65,120 respectively as of 2012.

Bachelor of Homeland Security Online
Individuals who are engaged in part time or full time employments can enroll in the bachelor of homeland security degree programs online. As the online degree programs are flexible, they allow professionals to earn degrees while maintaining their work routines.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is covered in a Bachelors in Homeland Security program?

A:The Bachelors in Homeland Security degree programs comprise courses such as the Public Relations, Public safety system integration, Critical incident management and Physical sciences. These courses can provide the students with the essential knowledge needed to excel in fields like national security or law enforcement.

Q:How long are the Bachelor's in Homeland Security Degree programs for?

A:The Bachelor's in Homeland Security Degree programs is a 4 years program. Students have the option of completing these programs through regular schools or online institutes like Walden University Online.

Q:Which top online schools offer the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Homeland Security Technology degree?

A:There are a large number of online schools that offer degree programs to students in the area of law and criminal justice. Top schools offering online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Homeland Security Technology degree include Capella University, Kaplan University, Strayer University, Walden University, Grand Canyon University, and South University.

Q:Which specialization areas are available with the Bachelor at Homeland Security degree programs?

A:The Bachelor in Homeland Security is available with a diverse range of specialization areas including emergency management, homeland security technology, terrorism, and crisis management. Students can select any of these programs listed on our website. For more details, feel free to contact us.

Q:Is there any way I can complete the Bachelor of Homeland Security in less than four years?

A:Indeed. You can complete your Bachelor of Homeland Security degree program is less than four years by pursuing it online. Online degree programs are self-paced and do not have any duration completion restrictions. The online Bachelor of Homeland Security can be completed in less than four years if you wish to. You schedule your own classes and can take the class anytime you want.

Q:What are the benefits of taking the Homeland Security Bachelors program online?

A:The online Bachelor's in Homeland Security degree program allows students to take up full-time or part-time job opportunities alongside completing education. Online students schedule their own classes and cover the course at their own pace. The online programs are highly flexible. Students can take the class from anywhere in the world at anytime with a single internet connection. It will also allow you to save quite a bit in monetary terms since online programs are cheaper when compared to the campus-based.

Q:What is the area of study of the Fundamentals of Security Management course of the Homeland Security bachelor programs?

A:The contemporary Homeland Security bachelor programs have a course of 4 credits or more on the Fundamentals of Security Management. This course focuses on the prevention of crime through the design of the environment, study of the internal as well as external threats, lines of defense, access and alarms control, policies of security management as well as the supervision and training of the security personnel.

Q:what is Bachelor in Homeland Security career outlook?

A:The career outlook for the Bachelor in Homeland Security degree program is lucrative. Degree holders get to work in the homeland security, law enforcement agencies, national security programs, intelligence agencies, and public administration and safety programs. Students can also seek to enter the private sector and become private investigators, psychologists, or fraud investigators.

Q:While looking for best investigation degree, I came across Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security. Can you tell me what is taught in it?

A:Among a number of investigation degrees you can go for, Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security is one of the most popular ones. In this four year program you will be taught subjects like political science and emergency management. The courses are such as homeland security policies, weapons of mass destruction, public safety policies, crisis negotiation tactics, criminal law, cyber security and national security laws.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Forensic Serology in the schools with Bachelors in Homeland Security?

A:The schools with Bachelors in Homeland Security have designated course on Forensic Serology. his course is worth 4 credits in total. It is developed to make the students understand the concepts of blood typing and testing. Students are also highlighted on the structural components of a DNA and the various methods of performing DNA analysis.

Q:Will a Bachelors degree in Homeland Security help me get hired by CIA or FBI?

A:A Bachelors Degree In Homeland Security will may help you get hired by intelligence agencies like the CIA or FBI. However, in what capacity these agencies might choose to hire candidates is unknown. Most career decisions at these agencies are made without much consideration being given to the candidates preference of field.

Q:Is it necessary that after doing my Bachelor in Homeland Security i pursue a career in law enforcement, is there any opportunity of starting your own business venture with this kind of education?

A:While most courses covered in Bachelor In Homeland Security program prepare you for a public service, however with specialization in the right disciplines you could eventually start off your own Private Investigation Agency. This will require a bit of hands-on training in the area of active law enforcement, so be mentally prepared to spend at least some amount of time in public service after all.

Q:After my B.A in Homeland Security if i dont want to join any active form of law enforcement, what are the other career options available?

A:After completing your B.A In Homeland Security if you are not interested in being actively engaged in law enforcement you can easily opt for field like Psychologists, Public Administrators, Political Scientists, Criminal Justice Professionals and Nurses. You can further your career by doing more courses or diplomas in your chosen field.

Q:Starting from bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security, what level of degrees are available in this field of education?

A:The degrees available in the Homeland Security course dont really start from Bachelor of Arts. It actually starts from Associates Degree in Homeland Security, Bachelors in Homeland Security, Masters in Homeland Security and Ph.D in Homeland Security. Students can add on to their degrees by doing advanced courses, diplomas and specializations.

Q:Just like people pursue their Masters online while holding on to full-time job, is it possible for me to do the same while doing my Bachelor Programs for Homeland Security?

A:This is the best part about doing your courses online-you get to study while still being able to hold on o a full or part-time job to support yourself or your education. Yes similar to a Masters degree in Homeland Security, a Bachelor Programs For Homeland Security too can be easily completed online.

Q:Is Bachelors of Homeland Security only for the very patriotic to pursue?

A:Since 9/11 Homeland Security has taken top priority with the government and job possibilities in this sector are on a rapid rise. therefore, doing a Bachelors Of Homeland Security is not just for the very patriotic, but in fact for anyone who is looking for a promising and successful career option. Being patriotic is equally important, but Homeland Security is a fast growing and very progressive field of work and job prospects in this sector look extremely promising at the moment.

Q:While searching for colleges that offer bachelor degrees in homeland security I found out that there are diploma options too. What are the main differences between the degree and diploma programs?

A:Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees in Homeland Security usually have a four year program while on the other hand a diploma may take a year or less to complete. There are also major differences in the course material between the two, as the four year degree program is much more through and comprehensive while diplomas are usually compact programs which are specifically designed to focus on a particular field.

Q:In what agency’s can apply for jobs after completing Homeland Security Bachelors Degree?

A:With a Homeland Security Bachelors Degree you can apply for jobs in the following agency's: customs and borders agency, transportation and security administration, customs and border protection, and more. With a bachelor degree in this field you can apply for entry level jobs, more qualifications and experience is required for highly paid jobs in homeland security.

Q:If I enroll in a bachelor degree in homeland security degree, what will I learn?

A:A bachelor degree in homeland security will help you understand various concepts in this field. You will learn how to conduct researches, apply various security methods, navigate political information, manage technology and organizational resources, and recover information in hostile environments. The program is offered by a number of accredited institutes online as well.

Q:Can homeland security bachelor degree offer a stable job?

A:In recent times with growing problems like terrorism more prominent than ever, there is more stress on homeland security. With more attention on this sector, the demand for such people who hold a bachelor or master degree in the field has also grown. There are a lot of job openings for people who want to get in this profession.

Q:Is there any program I can pursue after completing my bs in homeland security degree?

A:If you want to enhance your credentials and increase your knowledge after bachelor level, you can always opt for a masters degree in homeland security. Apart from this, you can also opt for short courses and certificate programs in the same area. Having a graduate level qualification or a certificate in homeland security can boost your career options.

Q:Can I become a teacher with a bachelors in homeland security?

A:After bachelors in homeland security, graduates have a number of career opportunities. They may take up a teaching career. They may also be able to find jobs in law enforcement, intelligence, national security, and public safety and administration. Students may also be able to take up positions such as psychologists, nurses, political scientists, and public administrators.

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