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Post Grad Certificates in Homeland Security

Overview of the field
Homeland security, one of the fastest expanding industries in the country, is concerned with taking timely and effective measures in response to apparent threats to the federation, including terrorism, pandemics, natural disasters or any form of external threats.

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Structure and duration of the degree program
A Post-Grad Certificate of Homeland Security is a one-year program but it can be finished in two years if you decide you take one course at a time. The credits can then be transferred to a Master’s degree which takes another year to complete.

Highlights of the coursework
Post-Grad Certificate of Homeland Security programs train individuals in effectively tackling all forms of external threats. The courses offered in the program include:
Theory and principles of security issues
Consequence management
Research and analysis in homeland security organizations
Emergency planning and resources
Basics of emergency planning
Crisis management
Disaster management

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Admission into Post-Grad Certificates of Homeland Security require a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field which might include public policy, public administration, social welfare and even crisis management. Colleges don’t require any prior fieldwork but some knowledge might be very helpful.

Careers prospects and average salary
In the context of the heightened state of insecurity and increasing fear, a large number of people are applying for jobs in the homeland security department. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the country and after substantial work experience, an increase in the starting pay can be hoped for. Different careers in homeland security have different wages. For instance, according to O*NET, security management specialists earn a median wage of $65,120 while information security analysts net a salary of $86,170 annually. Other relevant positions jobs in the department of Homeland security include:

Security specialist
Security advisor

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What kinds of courses are you expected to study in Post Grad Certificates In Homeland Security?

A:A Post Grad Certificate In Homeland Security is offered to students who have acquired graduate education. It helps boost ones career in homeland security and increase job opportunities. In this program students are expected to study the following programs: terrorism and homeland security, protecting homeland, response and recovery, preparedness and deterrence, disaster management, balancing security and liberty, and many more courses.

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