How Do You Become A Police Officer in Colorado

As per the latest estimates provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10,100 Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers were employed in the state of Colorado. This data is for the year 2019.

Should I Become a Police Officer I Colorado?

Police officers are responsible for safeguarding the properties and lives of the citizens of their state. Police officers in Colorado work tirelessly all through the year to do their duties diligently. If you have aspirations of joining the force, then continue reading.

Education Required

A high school diploma or GED at least.


Police academy training is required


POST certification is needed

Key Skills

 Physical stamina, leadership qualities, strong communication skills, etc.

Annual Mean Salary (2019) – National

$67,600 (Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers)

Annual Mean Salary (2019) – Colorado

$75,720 (Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers)

Job Outlook (2019-29)



Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Outlook

Police and Detectives will experience a 5% increase in jobs during the ten years from 2019 to 2029. This rate is about as fast as average for other occupations.

Steps to Become a Police Officer in Colorado

To become a police officer in Colorado, you have to complete the following steps:

Complete the Required Education

You will have to meet the education criteria set by the state to join the police force in Colorado. The requirements differ from state to state but normally a high school diploma is considered good enough. Some states might require a college degree as well so it is advisable to check the requirements before applying.

Get POST Certification

To become a police officer in Colorado, you have to first get POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) certification. You will have to pass the POST certification test to start the process of becoming a police officer.

Clear a Background Check

You will have to provide fingerprints to check your background history. The fingerprints will be checked and cleared by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Once these two steps are cleared, you will be eligible to apply for the position of a police officer in Colorado.

Clear Physical and Psychological Exams

As per law, you will have to pass a physical as well as a psychological exam to join the police force in Colorado.

Different police agencies might have other requirements too. These requirements might or might not apply to all police forces in the state, but generally, they are:

Meet the Educational Requirements

You might be required to have a college education to apply for some police forces. Please check the educational requirements before starting the process.

Meet the Minimum Age Requirement

You will also have to be of a certain age to apply for the post of a police officer. Normally this age is 21 years but it might differ.

Clear a Written Test

You might have to clear a written exam administered by the relevant law enforcement agencies.

Clear an Oral Interview

You will also have to give an oral interview to a board appointed by the police force.

Clear a Physical Agility Test and Polygraph Test

You might also have to clear a physical agility exam and a polygraph test.

Clear a Background History Check

Your background history will be checked by the police force. You might have to submit fingerprints and the law enforcement agency also might interview your neighbors and former employers.

Complete Police Training Academy

You will have to also spend some time at a state-approved training academy. The time duration can be between 6-7 months.

Duration to Become a Police Officer in Colorado

The time it takes you to become a police officer in Colorado will depend on various factors like the education you decide to get, the time it takes you to complete the entire process, and duration at the police academy. 

Requirements to Become a Police Officer in Colorado

  1. Get POST Certification.
  2. Should meet the minimum age requirements.
  3. Should have the required educational credentials.
  4. Should have a valid driver’s license.
  5. Should have a clean driving record.
  6. Clear all the steps of the application process.
  7. Complete training at the police academy.

How Much Can I Earn as a Police Officer in Colorado?

As per the information provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers made $75,720 as mean annual income in Colorado in 2019. This income was considerably more than the national figure of $67,600.

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