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Masters in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management involves identification, acquisition, positioning and management of the resources of a firm. Simply put, it acts as the backbone of an organization. Nowadays, there is a dire need for individuals having expertise in supply management in different organizations.

Various levels of degrees are offered in supply chain, including:

  • Associates in supply chain
  • Bachelors in supply chain
  • Masters in supply chain

Masters in supply chain management

A master in supply chain management program teaches skills which are necessary to meet the strategic goals of an organization. It enables students to stand out in this challenging field.

Online Masters in supply chain management

Master of Supply Chain Management programs are offered by regular as well as online institutes. Online institutes provide a convenient learning experience, enabling students to work at the same time. They also cost much less than campus-based programs.

What are the Program Details?

These programs may take 1 to 3 years to complete.  By enrolling in these training programs one is able to learn the strategic and operational aspects of procurement.


The curriculum usually consists of the following courses, among others:


    • Foundations of Supply Chain Management
  • This course examines companies manage activities involved in production and delivery of goods and services to customers.


      • Project Management
    • This course analyzes complex projects and discuses tools available for managing them.


        • Corporate Strategy
      • This course examines how value is created or destroyed by combining businesses. It also examines strategic issues in mergers and acquisitions.


          • Strategic Quality Management
        • This course evaluates the theory and practice of quality management in the world of business.


            • Negotiations and Conflict Management
          • This course deals with negotiation as an effective means for implementing strategies and decisions.


              • Supply Chain Risk Management
            • This course develops a comprehensive framework for supply chains and teaches decision tools for hedging and risk management.


              What Career Opportunities Does it Open?

              Supply Chain Managers

              Procurement Managers


                • Options and Futures
              • This course focuses on futures and options. It also discusses forwards and futures pricing and hedging risk.

                The above mentioned curriculum is usual for many schools. However it is bound to vary by different amounts between schools. For exact details, consult your college advisor. By earning a Master of Supply Chain Management degree one can become eligible for a wide range of job opportunities. Popular career choices include:
                • Purchasing Director
                • Director, Strategic Planning
                • Materials Manager
                • Procurement Manager
                • Director of Supplier Relations
                • Inventory Manager
                • Supplier Quality Project Manager
                • Vice President, Supply Management
              • These professionals plan, direct and coordinate production, warehousing, or financial forecasting services to maximize customer services and minimize costs. O*NET reports that supply change managers earn a median wage of $100,890 on an annual basis in 2012. These professionals plan, coordinate, and direct activities of various buyers, officers, and related workers involved in purchasing products, materials, and services. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of procurement managers was $ 103,780 in May 2012.
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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you give me the coursework of Master in Supply Chain Management online?

A:Master in Supply Chain Management online program wasn't very popular till recent past. Now many famous universities are offering the program. The coursework consists of subjects such as e-business and supply chain information, operations and general management, supply chain strategy, emerging topics in supply chain management and foundations of supply chain management.

Q:Why should I choose an accredited school for online masters in supply chain management?

A:If you are going for online masters in supply chain management, it is preferable that you select an accredited school. An accredited school meets the quality standards and curriculum requirements set by the relevant accrediting agencies. Therefore, accredited institute signals quality education. Besides, employers also prefer graduates from accredited schools.

Q:What is the Master in Supply Chain Management? And am I eligible?

A:A master in supply chain management is a graduate study track which requires you to have completed a minimum of a bachelor's undergraduate degree from an accredited institute. It would be preferable if your undergraduate degree is in a field of study that is related to supply chain management, such as human resources, business administration and marketing management, to name a few.

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