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Certificate in Hospitality Management

Overview of the field

Hospitality management includes planning and organizing events including preparation of food, the presentation and handling the accounts.


Structure and duration of the program

A Certificate of Hospitality Management is a one-year degree program which takes 30 credit points to complete. These points can then be transferred to a diploma program which takes another year to complete. The courses are usually offered one at a time.

Highlights of the coursework

The coursework in a Certificate of Hospitality Management program is generally based on theory and introduces students to the various aspects of the hospitality industry. Some of the main courses include:

  • Food and beverage management
  • Business communication
  • Business etiquettes
  • Hospitality accounting
  • Hotel law
  • Travel law
  • Restaurant law
  • Hospitality employee training

It also includes planning and organizing high-level meetings, another important aspect of the hospitality management industry.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements

You don’t need any specific qualifications for admission into a Certificate of Hospitality Management program, not even a high school diploma. A general interest in the field or some prior experience might be very helpful in understanding the mechanics of the hospitality industry.

Career prospects and salary

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest business industries in the field and also one of the most costly. A Certificate of Hospitality Management allows you to work with hotels, casinos, restaurants, resorts and some other areas of the entertainment industry. You can possibly get entry-level positions which can then lead to positions like supervisor, catering employee, kitchen manager and restaurant manager among others.

How long does it take to get a certificate in hospitality management?

A certificate program in hospitality management is usually offered at the master’s level. To get a certificate in hospitality management, you may have to complete up to 18 courses. Each course will take two weeks to complete. The first 14 courses will be core courses and the last 4 will be free electives. In total, it should take you around 9 months to complete your coursework for a hospitality management certificate. These requirements are subject to variation according to state and employer requirements.

What are the requirements to get a certificate in hospitality management?

To get a certificate in hospitality management, you must complete 36 - 40 quarter credit hours - the exact figure varies between different programs. You must also have a bachelor's degree. In addition to this, an accumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 must be maintained in the courses that count towards your certificate. You may be required to take courses on accounting, hotel management, restaurant management and travel law, business ethics and more.

How much can I make with a certificate in hospitality management?

The hospitality and leisure industry contains the arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation, and food services sectors. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly earnings of employees in the hospitality and leisure industries in May 2019 were $16.50. On average, workers spent almost 26 hours per week working, as of May 2019.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How to become a food and beverage manager after the completion of a Certificate program in Hospitality Management?

A:The certificate programs enable students to get hands on theoretical knowledge that provides them with an overview of the concepts and procedures applied in the professional world. Through these programs, aspiring food and beverage managers are provided extensive training in areas such as restaurant laws, food and beverage management, menu planning and cost control methods. Some programs require students to complete an internship program in their area of interest as it can further augment their professional skills. Upon graduation, students can apply at several restaurants to secure the position of a food and beverage manager.

Q:What is the main curriculum of the Hotel Hospitality Diploma?

A:Diplomas in Hotel and Hospitality Management expose students to the various aspects of the hospitality industry through the following courses: People Management, Hospitality Operation Management, Food Studies, Hospitality Accounting, Safety and Hygiene, Hospitality Business Law, and Facilities Management. The completion time of the diploma varies from 6-12 months. Also, these can be pursued online by working professionals as well.

Q:Are there any online schools for food management certificate?

A:Yes. We have a list of institutes on our website giving the names of the online schools offering the food management certificate. These include Harper College, College of Lake County, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division, and Portland State University.

Q:As I was reading about apel certification in hospitality management, I found out that certificate program can help me boost my career. How is that possible?

A:Yes, it is true that a certificate program in hospitality management can help you boost you career in this field. Certificate programs are offered by many schools. These are short courses that are career oriented and focus on professional skill development. You can update your hospitality skills and enhance your knowledge base. This can qualify you for better paying job positions.

Q:How long does a certificate for hospitality management generally take?

A:There are plenty of certifications for hospitality management offered by different institutes and colleges. The duration of these can vary depending on the curriculum. Generally, these can be completed in a matter of one year. The admission criterion is not very strict and you can easily get admission in one of these certificate programs that teach you about hospitality business.

Q:What can I do with a hospitality management certificate?

A:A hospitality management certificate is qualification that can help you apply for hospitality jobs in the tourism industry. You will learn about various hospitality concepts and managerial principles that will help you prepare for managerial posts in the professional world. These courses can be completed in less than a year and are also available online.

Q:Can I be a food and beverage manager with a certificate in hospitality management?

A:Food service managers are responsible for managing the day to day operations of restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes. A certificate in hospitality management will give unique insight into the capabilities need by an individual to be a successful food and beverage manager. The work environment for food and beverage mangers can be somewhat hectic and this can only be learnt to dealt with the help of on-the-job training.

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