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Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Students who wish to work as managers in hotels or restaurants can enhance their career prospects by enrolling in bachelor of hospitality management degree programs. Earning this degree prepares individuals to make a concerted attempt at entering the hospitality industry. Students can enroll in a bachelor of hospitality management program either at a traditional college or an online institute.

The Scope of Bachelor of Hospitality Management Degree Program

This degree program covers various aspects of hospitality management. The students enrolled in such programs get theoretical as well as practical experience in bachelor of hospitality management degree programs. Some of the courses covered in this training program are:

  • Destinations and Cultures
  • Hospitality Information Technology
  • Financial Analysis in the Hospitality Industry
  • Human Resource Management
  • Fundamentals of Management in the Hospitality Industry
  • Hospitality Sales and Marketing
  • International Tourism

Earning this degree also allows students to apply for higher degrees in hospitality management.

Career outlook

Students having bachelor of hospitality management degrees can potentially find work in restaurants, hotels as well as other related sectors. They can also be good candidates for the positions of managers. Related occupations, such as lodging and food service managers have median wages of $46,810 and $47,960 respectively as of 2012, as reported by O*NET. Also, there is a lot of scope of growth for these professionals.

Bachelor of Hospitality Management Online

Beside the campus-based programs, students can also choose to earn bachelor of hospitality management degrees online. This way, potential candidates can earn these degrees from the convenience of their homes.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How many credits are there in the Bachelors Hospitality Management online?

A:The Bachelors Hospitality Management online program has 120 credits.

Q:Are there any schools for Hospitality Management BS program?

A:Yes. There are several schools offering the Bachelors of Science in Hospitality Management program. These include: New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Fairleigh Dickinson University, University of New Hampshire - Whittemore School of Business & Economics, UMassOnline, and The Pennsylvania State University.

Q:While reading about the scope of Bachelor in Hospitality, I came across the Travelers at Rest course. Can you brief me about the contents?

A:In the United States, the Bachelor in Hospitality degree program has a much comprehensive course on Travelers at Rest course, since the country is always filled with travelers and businessmen on short trips. It discusses the evolution of modern hotels, hotel classifications and understanding the corporate structure. It further stresses on branding for the travelers and foreigners and ethics in serving beverages as well as food.

Q:While going through BS in Hospitality Management online courses, I came across Ethics and Social Responsibility course. What are its contents?

A:Many famous universities in America are currently offering BS in Hospitality Management online program. The program has an extensive coursework and Ethics and Social Responsibility is a part of it. In this program the individuals are familiarized with their social and ethical responsibilities being a part of a growing society.

Q:As I read on the Bachelor in Hospitality Management St. Louis, there was mention of the course on Introduction to Business. What are the contents of this course?

A:The Bachelor in Hospitality Management St. Louis degree programs have dedicated courses on Introduction to Business. This course is worth 4 credits in total. It is designed to offer the students with ample understanding of the overview to the world of business. Students also get to study the different business environments and ownership of business.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Basics of Gourmet Cooking in the Bachelor of Science Hotel and Restaurant Management NJ?

A:The Bachelor of Science Hotel and Restaurant Management NJ degree programs have designated courses on Basics of Gourmet Cooking. This course is worth 4 credits. The major aim of this course is to provide the students with comprehensive understanding of the different chefs and restaurants in history as well as the operations of modern food services.

Q:Lodging operations management was mentioned in Bachelors in Hospitality Management Fresno state. What is covered in this course?

A:Course on lodging operations management would be mentioned with Bachelors in Hospitality Management in Fresno state. This course is worth 4 credit hours and deals with organizing, planning and leadership issues. Students get an opportunity to understand the basic concepts reservation, front desk operations, accounting and housekeeping. Prospective students interested are advised to search our website for online institutions offering this course and qualification.

Q:My search for BS hotel management in New York mentioned a course in hotel room division management. What is the premise of this course?

A:Course on hotel room division management would be mentioned when searching for BS hotel management in New York. This course is worth 3 credit hours and trains the student on how manage front office operations. Students also get an opportunity to learn about the pricing, occupancy rates, reservations and incomes. Prospective students interested in this course are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:What will get I get to study in International Hotel Management course taught at BA Hospitality Management?

A:You will get to study a variety of courses in BS Hospitality Management program. International Hotel Management is one of the major courses. In this particular course, the students are provided with the information regarding the rapid changes in the marketplace around the globe. They are also taught how to deal with customers of various ethnic backgrounds.

Q:A bachelors in hospitality management degree can be earned in what major specialization areas?

A:Bachelor's degree in hospitality management is a four year program that can be completed in the following specialization areas: tourism management, hospitality information technology, accounting for hospitality industry, travel management, lodging management, and tourism destination marketing. This qualification will open the doors to job opportunities in the tourism and hotel industry.

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