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Masters in Engineering Management

Whether you are engineering a software application or you are designing and producing a synthetic material, engineering is a complex process where limited resources are used to develop a quality product in a specific time period. Therefore, it becomes very important that the whole process is managed efficiently to avoid missing the deadlines. This is where the field of Engineering Management comes in where the leadership is actually trained in not just administration and management but also in the concepts of engineering so that they are better able to understand the challenges of the process. A Master in Engineering Management is an ideal way to enter this lucrative and highly-demanded career. Moreover, working professionals also have the option of taking advantage of the numerous online Engineering Management master programs that are now readily available.

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Scope of Engineering Management Master Programs
The Master in Engineering Management is quite similar to a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in terms of course structure; however, there is definitely more focus on engineering-related subjects. Students have the option of specializing in specific engineering disciplines such as Software Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, etc. Furthermore, there is an extensive focus on industry-related projects where the students are encouraged to collaborate with actual organizations to complete their assignments. The projects have to be presented orally so that the students become trained in delivering quality presentations and communicating efficiently.
Typically, a Master in Engineering Management program consists of the following courses:

  • Management in High-tech Industries
  • Finance & Accounting in High-tech Companies
  • Business Law & Intellectual Property
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Operations Research
  • Quality Engineering
  • Simulation Modeling

Admission Requirements
Universities look for innate leadership skills in the applicants for the Master of Engineering Management program that may be gauged from the statement of purpose or an interview. GRE or GMAT test scores are also required with the admission application.
 Career Prospects
People graduating with a Master of Engineering Management degree can find lucrative positions as managers in different types of industries. They can also work as project managers in software firms.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long does it take to get a masters degree in engineering management?

A:It typically takes two years to complete a masters degree in engineering. Throughout the duration, students will be required to cover different courses, assignments, projects, etc. Those who wish to complete the program in less than two years can opt for an accelerated degree track. Accelerated masters degree programs can be completed in 1 year.

Q:What are the admission requirements for master degree in engineering management?

A:The general admission requirements for this program may include: completion of bachelor degree from an accredited institution, work experience (varies from college to college), grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and letters of recommendation. Some colleges may require applicants to demonstrate skills and knowledge relevant to the field. Please remember that the admission requirements will vary from place to place.

Q:What can you do with a masters degree in engineering management ?

A:With the rise in the demand of engineering managers and leaders, more individuals are pursuing masters degree in engineering management. This degree can open doors to many career opportunities in manufacturing management, logistics, technical consulting, etc. According to O*Net Online, engineering managers made a median annual income of $ 130,620 in 2014.

Q:How to get a master degree in engineering management?

A:If you plan to complete a masters degree in engineering management, you must meet all the degree completion requirements set by the institute. These requirements may vary from college to college. Students must cover all the program components which include courses and projects. A certain number of credit hours must be attained to be awarded the degree.

Q:How fast can you get your master degree in engineering management?

A:If you wish to earn a masters degree in engineering management in less than two years, you can opt for an accelerated masters degree. An accelerated masters degree may take one year to complete. However, the coursework of an accelerated degree may be vigorous and will require you to work hard.

Q:How many credits are required for masters in engineering management?

A:The credit hour requirement for a masters degree in engineering management may range from 30 to 40. Most masters programs have a minimum 30 credit hour requirement. You can check with prospective schools to find out more about the exact credit hour requirements. All the program components must be completed to successfully earn the credit hours.

Q:Where can you work with a master degree in engineering management?

A:Engineering manager can seek employment in different industries ranging from manufacturing to construction and from consultancy to health care. Many private and public organizations hire engineering managers to oversee different projects that can be related to development of a new product, manufacturing process, etc. The job duties of these professionals typically include a variety of administrative, managerial, and supervisory tasks.

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