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Bachelor in Engineering Management

If you have the knack to lead teams and take up challenges, pursuing a degree in engineering management can be your best bet. Engineering management is the combination of business and engineering principles. It equips students with the knowledge and skills that helps them manage teams engaged in the design and development of computer hardware, medical equipment, or electrical devices. Several programs are offered in this concentration that prepares students to take up roles at different levels in this field. Bachelor programs in engineering management entail an array of topics, including advanced math and science.

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Bachelor in Engineering Management Program
Students who want to pursue entry-level positions in engineering management need to enroll in a bachelor's degree in this field. These programs prepare students to apply business management principles in the field of engineering. Students can opt to concentrate on the management of a particular engineering discipline.

It is important to pursue a bachelor's degree in engineering management that is approved by ABET, Inc. as employers, and certifying organizations generally prefer to hire individuals with degrees from accredited programs.

Admissions Requirements
To enroll in a bachelor's degree in engineering management, students must have a high school diploma. They can also pursue an associate degree in this concentration prior to pursuing a bachelor's degree, as it can give them better insight into the field of engineering. Other requirements for admissions may vary from one school to another.

Coursework in Bachelor in Engineering Management
A bachelor program in engineering management entails both theory and laboratory sessions in business management, finance and accounting. Students will study topics such as mechanical, civil and electrical engineering in addition to several management subjects including financial management, project analysis, engineering leadership and operations management.

Career Opportunities
Graduates with a bachelor in engineering management can find lucrative employment opportunities with engineering service firms, in the areas of research, manufacturing and development. Depending on students' own preferences, they can become systems engineering managers, value engineering manager, quality assurance manager or project manager. The experience, specialization and the type of the job are some of the factors that determine the income of engineering managers. Generally, these professionals can make in the range of $76,000 to $100,000 a year.

Online Bachelor in Engineering Management
Online schools also offer programs for aspiring engineering managers. The bachelor's degrees online are more flexible compared to regular programs in this field. Students can pursue them from any location and study at timings that suit them. This in turn gives learners the benefit to manage their personal or professional goals in a cost-effective way.

Continuing Education
The master programs are also available for engineering managers seeking to find more rewarding positions in this field. These professionals also need to be licensed, which requires clearing examinations and having work experience. They can take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam and then gain at least four years of work experience. Afterwards, candidates can sit for the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam. To qualify for some positions, aspiring engineering managers may need to earn additional certification in project coordination or quality assurance.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:A bachelor of science in engineering management will cover what courses?

A:A bachelor of science in engineering management program will cover a range of topics equip students with knowledge and career-skills. Students will most likely study topics such as the following: microeconomic principles, modern differential equations, statistics for engineering, information systems engineering, management and leadership. The curriculum may vary from college to college.

Q:What job title with engineering management bachelor can I get?

A:After completing a bachelor degree in engineering management, you can apply for a job as a engineering manager. Engineering managers are hired in different industries ranging from manufacturing to construction and from transportation to communications. Your job tasks may include supervision, overseeing the design or productivity, and assessing the feasibility of new products. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, engineering managers made a median annual income of $117,000 in 2014.

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