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Associate in Engineering Management

Engineering management is an area of study that prepares students to take up leadership roles and organize projects in various industries. Students in these programs are able to acquire the technical know-how and equip themselves with the skills to lead large teams of people.

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Engineering managers basically supervise teams of engineers during the design and development of medical equipment, electrical devices or computer hardware.
A number of programs are offered in this concentration including associate, bachelor and master’s degrees. Enrolling in associate in engineering management can help students make their way into this thriving field.
Associate in Engineering Management
An associate in engineering management is a 2-year program designed to provide students with the vital knowledge and skills required to manage teams in an effective manner. This program is a distinctive opportunity for students seeking to expand their horizons. The ones who want to take up challenges can enroll in these programs in engineering management and learn about the techniques they need to get into this lucrative field.
Students who complete an associate degree in engineering management can use their degree on the job or transfer it to various other programs. The ones who focus their studies at the associate level might be in better position to pursue a bachelor or master program in engineering management.
Earning this degree could prepare students to bring together the several different elements of this field. As graduates of an associate degree in engineering management are taught both the mathematical and the scientific aspects of engineering combined with the management skills, they are able to fill an array of positions after completing the program. Engineering firms are among the top employers for professionals with an associate degree in engineering management.
Admissions Requirements 
A high school diploma or GED is important to pursue an associate degree in engineering management. Other requirements for admissions may vary by school.
Coursework in an Associate in Engineering Management
A wide array of subjects is covered in an associate in engineering management. Topics such as modern physics, systems engineering, industrial systems and materials handling are taught in this program. Students also learn the management techniques for the relevant industry.
Online Associate in Engineering Management
Students who want to get into the field of engineering management can pursue an associate degree online. These programs provide students with an opportunity to learn remotely using a variety of methods such as streaming video and online labs. The online degree in this concentration provides students with more flexibility compared to regular degrees. Students can study at timings that suit their schedule and earn this degree at their own pace. 
Continuing Education

Students who complete an associate in engineering management can continue their education by enrolling in a bachelor's degree in engineering. They can choose to specialize in a particular area within this field such as civil, electrical, mechanical, or industrial engineering. The coursework in bachelor’s degree in engineering may include topics such as graphical communication, statistics, thermodynamics and more. Many engineers are required to get licensure which can be obtained by passing the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

States with the highest employment level in this occupation:



Employment per thousand jobs

Location quotient

Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage

California 16600.111.2618.1337720
Florida 11300.141.6817.9737370
Illinois 9600.161.9217.937240
Texas 7600.070.7816.6234570
New York 6500.070.8520.1241840


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long does it take to get an associate degree in engineering management?

A:It takes around two years to complete an associate degree in engineering management. The program is designed to prepare students for entry-level careers in the field. Most schools are offering two-year associate programs. However, the duration will also depend on which degree track you opt for. For example, accelerated programs take less time to complete as compared to regular degree programs.

Q:What are the admission requirements for associate degree in engineering management?

A:There are no specific or strict admission requirements for an associate degree in engineering management. Most schools require applicants to fill out and submit and admission application, a high school diploma, letters of recommendation, and a personal essay. Having a satisfactory academic record and SAT scores may improve chances of being accepted by colleges.

Q:What can you do with an engineering management associate degree?

A:With an associate degree in engineering management, you can pursue entry-level and assistant-level careers in different engineering firms and projects. Nowadays,many employers are looking for engineers who can undertake administrative tasks and demonstrate managerial skills. However, most jobs in this field will require a bachelor degree. You can either pursue an entry-level job with an associate degree, or enhance your education by enrolling in college.

Q:How to get an associate degree in engineering management online?

A:If you plan to equip yourself with an associate degree in engineering management, you will need to meet the minimum degree requirements set by the college. You will be required to study a number of general and core courses that cover the discipline in detail. Each course will carry a defined number of credit hours. Other degree requirements may include completion of assignments, examinations, and projects.

Q:How fast can you get your associate degree in engineering management?

A:To earn an associate degree in engineering management in a short time period, you can enroll in an accelerated program. Accelerated associate degree programs can be completed in less than two years. However, the coursework may be much more vigorous as you will have to take more than the usual number of courses each semester.

Q:How many credits are required for associates degree in engineering management?

A:The average credit hour requirement for associate degrees ranges between 60 and 80. The exact requirements will depend on the college or university you enroll in. All students enrolled in this program are required to cover all the course components, assignments, examinations, and projects to earn credits and meet the requirement.

Q:Where can you work with engineering management associate degree?

A:An associate degree in engineering management can qualify your for entry-level roles in this field. You may be able to look for employment in different manufacturing firms, architectural firms, engineering firms, government agencies and projects, research and development services sector, mining and quarrying sector, oil and gas extraction sector, etc.

Q:What subjects will you study in an engineering management associate degree?

A:In an associate degree in engineering management, you will be taught several subjects. Common specializations include electrical, civil, mechanical or industrial engineering. The core courses you might be taught as part of this degree include the likes of design, statistics, thermodynamics. Graphical communication, and so on. This is not an exhaustive list of courses you can study.

Q:What benefits will I get with an engineering management associate degree?

A:An associate degree in engineering management will equip you with fundamental knowledge of engineering principles as well as management concepts. You can prepare for entry-level careers in a range of different industries. Apart from the positive career prospects, the program can also help you prepare for advanced education ahead. You can enroll in a bachelor degree in engineering management.

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