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Post Grad Certificates in Contract Management

Contract management programs help students learn how to manage construction projects in an effective and efficient manner. Students in these programs get to know how to complete construction or renovation projects of various structures such as residential homes, office buildings, retail stores and bridges. According to the BLS, jobs for construction managers are predicted to grow by 16%, faster than the average for  all occupations. The profession has been listed as one of the Best Construction Jobs by Money Magazine. The demand for contract managers is soaring due to various new construction projects and a growing focus on modernizing construction.

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If you have a general interest in design and building or if you enjoy managing projects, pursuing this line of work may be a good idea.  

What Contract Managers Do
Contract managers are responsible for managing all the aspects of a construction project including the human resources involved as well as the financial aspects. They are required to work in both office and onsite. Visiting clients to discuss their requirements and other important details is also among the responsibilities  of these professionals.

Skills for Contract Managers
Contract managers should have strong communication and interpersonal skills as they are required to manage large teams and work with all sorts of people. Owing to the nature of work, contract managers should also be proficient in time management, organization and decision-making skills.

Contract Management Programs
A bachelor's degree in construction science, architecture, construction management or engineering may help you pursue a career as a contract manager. Some contract managers enter  the field with a high school diploma and relevant work experience. In addition to degree programs, certificates are also available in contract management to help you improve  your skills and  relevant capabilities.

The curriculum in the contract management programs includes topics such as building codes and standards, cost estimation, construction methods and materials and contract administration.

Post Grad Certificates in Contract Management
The post grad certificates in contract management are designed to help students learn about the management of building projects. It instructs students on how to organize and manage  resources including people, process, finance etc. As construction is a fast paced and evolving industry, earning a certificate in this field may help you stay updated with the developments and changes in the industry. Students in the certificate programs learn how to apply innovative and adaptable solutions within complex environments, helping them maximize opportunities for career growth.

A high school diploma is required to pursue a certificate in contract management. Some employers may also require candidates to have work experience. Other requirements for admissions may vary by school.

Employment Opportunities
Degrees and certificates in contract management may lead to several opportunities for students.   They can get into building and construction management, contract administration, building services, property development, project management, or general management.

Most contract managers are self-employed while others work with residential building construction, heavy and civil engineering construction or engineering firms. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, contract managers could make $82,790 per year in 2012.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:We are considering post-grad certificates in contract management for some of our employees. Will they be able to work as well as undertake their study?

A:Certification programs are designed for those are in work and require to learn a new skill or subject matter, or simply to refresh their understanding. Many colleges offer these courses online allowing students to study from home or from the workplace. Depending on the attitude of your management and the college, it may be possible to collective online classes for your staff.

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