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Masters in Contract Management

Overview of Field

Master in Contract Management program enables students to know various concepts of procurement, negotiation and contract acquisition. Students are able to improve their understanding of strategies and techniques of contract management by enrolling in this advanced degree program. Those who earn this degree can pursue a career in federal government contracting amongst other career options.

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Master Degree in Contract Management may span over 1-2 years. It is offered both by the regular institutes as well as the online schools. Students will get training in state and federal regulations concerning contracting processes. They will learn to write contracts, analyze them and ensure their appropriate implementation. Students also learn how to effectively make contracts with customers, clients, vendors and/or partners. Master in Contract Management also helps students to know about intellectual property management.

Who Should Enroll in Master Degree In Contract Management?

Professionals who are already working in companies that contract with government agencies or federal employees can enroll in this program to improve their knowledge and career prospects.


Students are interested in getting into Master in Contract Management program need to have a bachelor's degree. Some programs may also require candidates to have prior work experience. Taking up courses such as statistics, finance and mathematics previously can also be useful to enroll in this program.

Coursework in Master in Contract Management

Some of the courses students will study in Master in Contract Management program are:

  • Principles of acquisition
  • Government contracting law
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract pricing
  • Finance management

Students learn by means of theory-based lectures as well as hands-on training in this program. Case study analysis, team-based exercises and research are used to impart knowledge to students.

Career Prospects

Contract management graduates can find various job opportunities. They can work as:

  • Government contract specialist
  • Procurement manager
  • Contract administrator
  • Purchasing manager

Online Contract Management Master Programs

Getting into Online Contract Management Master Programs can be very suitable for working professionals who are already working with contract management companies. The online programs are highly flexible. Students can enroll in them from any location and complete them at their own pace. This is why they make a great learning route for individuals who want to improve their career prospects without giving up their existing job.

How long does it take to get a Masters in Contract Management?

It takes two years to get a master's degree in contract management. However, your master's degree has to be preceded by a bachelor's program in a related field. For this reason, the total amount of time it takes to get a master's degree is six years. You may be able to reduce this time if you choose an accelerated program in either your bachelor's or master's degree.

What are the requirements to get a Masters in Contract Management?

Typically, you are required to take around 60 credit hours to complete a graduate degree. When it comes to a degree in contract management, there are a few courses you may need to take to graduate. These are listed below:

•    Principles of acquisition

•    Contract Law

•    Contract Negotiation

•    Finance Management

How much can I earn with a Masters in Contract Management?

Administrative service managers like contract managers are expected to work full time to facilitate and organize activities as well as handle the company's business in other ways e.g. by drafting contracts. Entry level requirement in this field is a bachelor's degree. The median wage for administrative service managers as of May 2018 was $96,180 per annum and $46.24 per hour. The number of jobs available in the industry in 2016 was 281,700 and is expected to grow.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the course on Business Communication in the Masters degree in Contract Management?

A:The Masters Degree in Contract Management program is designed to provide students with substantial understanding of the basic levels of written communication in business world. Students are also significantly trained on the various approaches and formats of business documentations. The course is worth 2 credits in total and contains significant hands on experience.

Q:My search on Master in Contract Management led me to Construction Cost Analysis course. What is it about?

A:You often come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field when going through search such as Master in Contract Management. Construction Cost Analysis course program is included in various programs related to the course. In this course the students get to study about planning out the cost analysis of construction.

Q:I want to study for my masters in contract management. Will I be able to study at my own pace as I am working full time.

A:The online masters programs available from the colleges displayed on this website will be useful to you. You will be able to study at your own pace, and in the convenience of your own home without the need to travel to and from college, thus making the courses cost-effective for you.

Q:Are there many colleges offering masters degree contract management?

A:There are a number of colleges that provide students with an opportunity to study for a masters degree contract management. The college(s) that offer the program through our website appear above. We are in the process of adding more and more colleges to our website every day so please visit this website regularly for more options.

Q:Can you give me some information about a masters in acquisition and contract management degree?

A:A masters degree in acquisition and contract management is designed to prepare students for jobs in this sector. The program focuses on procurement management, purchasing systems and processes, delivery of services, and managing contract dispute. The curriculum will vary slightly from one institute to another. Students can pursue this program online as well.

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