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Bachelor in Performing Arts

You might love to sing or dance in your room or at a party, but do you know you could actually make a living performing your passion?

What are Performing Arts?

Performing arts is a field of study that provides knowledge and skill in theater, acting, dance, and music. As it is a diverse field, is broadly divided into three distinct sub-categories:

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  • Music. It trains you to use musical instruments or your voice to perform in front of audiences.
  • Acting. Acting involves interpreting roles and conveying the character's feelings.
  • Dance. Dance is a sub-discipline within performing arts that explores and conveys a narrative or emotion through movement.

Performing arts gives you a chance to express yourself and bring your talent to the world. An education in this field might also help you discover a lot inside you which you never knew.

A variety of degree programs are offered in performing arts that may be suitable for people seek careers in theater, TV, or movies. By enrolling in these programs, you may get a chance to develop your skills and polish your talent and find work opportunities.

What is a Bachelor in Performing Arts degree?

A bachelor in performing arts degree program typically takes 4 years to complete, but this could depend on your enrollment status. This undergraduate program is designed to help you learn the art of music, dance, or acting. The program will instruct you in on-stage skills, and may also equip you with career-related knowledge in business practices for the performing arts and audition techniques.

What are the prerequisites to enroll in this program?

The requirement for admissions into a bachelor's degree in performing arts program may vary by school, but generally to enroll in this program you need to:

  • Give an audition demonstrating your abilities
  • Submit resume
  • Provide a short DVD showing your dance and performance skills
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What courses will I study in a Bachelor in Performing Arts degree program?

A number of topics are covered in the bachelor’s degree program in performing arts that may help you get to know the essentials for this field. Some of the courses you could take in this program include:

  • Theatre History
  • Dance and culture
  • Musical Theatre
  • Theories of Theatre
  • Script Writing
  • Modern Drama
  • Dance Technique
  • Acting and Techniques for Auditioning
  • Writing Plays and Producing Theatre
  • Visual and Hearing Techniques

What career paths could I pursue with a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts?

With a degree in performing arts, you may possibly find work with:

  • Performing arts companies
  • TV
  • Movies
  • Educational services
  • Religious, grant making, civic, professional, and similar organizations

You could become a:

  • Musician and singer

Median hourly pay (2012): $23.50 (BLS)

  • Actor

Median hourly pay (2012): $20.26 (BLS)

  • Dancer

Median hourly pay (2012): $14.16 (BLS)

A degree in performing arts gives you a chance to make a living, but the best thing about becoming a performance artist is that you get the chance to live out your dreams and show your talents to the world.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you name a few performing arts careers?

A:With a degree in performing arts, you can prepare for a variety of exciting careers in this field. Some of the occupations you can consider are: actor, dancer, music therapist, theater director, drama therapist, choreographer, fashion model, stunt performer, and more. Factors such as skill, specialization, and degree-level will determine your career path and income level.

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