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Associate in Performing Arts

According to the Oxford Dictionary, performing arts are “Forms of creative activity that are performed in front of an audience, such as drama, music, and dance.”

If you want to pursue a career in performing arts, there are several options that you may choose from:

  • Acting. In this performing arts field , you can either act solo or with a cast. Most productions will require rehearsals with fellow actors and. However, some can be done extempore as well. In either case, you’ll have to interpret roles and convey the character's feelings.

  • Dance. Dancers interpret and convey a narrative or emotion by means of movement. They need rhythm, stamina and strength to perfect their art.

  • Music. Musicians use their voices or their instruments or a combination of both to perform in front of live audiences or in recordings. Some also compose, conduct, and teach.

Actors and actresses, dancers and musicians are all part of the performing arts. If you are interested in performing arts, you can acquire or polish your skills by enrolling in the formal education programs such as the associate degree in performing arts.

What exactly is an  Associate in Performing Arts?

The associate in performing arts is usually a 2-year program, though can be shorter or longer, and is designed for those of you who are interested in becoming a dancer, actor or a musician. You may be able to focus your degree particularly on acting, dancing or music.

These programs are designed to provide fundamental knowledge of performing arts in addition to the development of cultural literacy and leadership. The programs equip students with an understanding of contemporary performance skills in the genres of dance, voice and acting.

What are the prerequisites to enroll in an associate in performing arts?

To  pursue an associate degree in performing arts, you’ll need to:

  • Submit resume
  • Submit a full-length photo
  • Provide a short video clip showing dance and performance skills
  • Give auditions

What courses will you study in a performing arts associate degree?

The associate degree in performing arts covers a variety of courses that help you learn the basics of dance, music and acting covering many topics ranging from harmonies to musical precision, and musical styles to creating stage presentations. Some of the courses you may study are:

  • Creating dance routines
  • Musicals on stage
  • Background and philosophy of music
  • Computer music programs
  • Acting and techniques for auditioning
  • Cinema
  • Modern drama
  • Writing plays and producing theatre
  • Visual and hearing techniques

As part of your coursework, you may also have to participate in workshops.

What career opportunities can you pursue with an associate in performing arts?

Graduates may potentially on to explore different career options such as:

  • Actors

Median hourly pay (2012): $20.26 (BLS)

  • Dancers

Median hourly pay (2012): $14.16 (BLS)

  • Musicians and singers

Median hourly pay (2012): $23.50 (BLS)

You can also apply for positions in various organizations such as:

  • Performing arts companies
  • Educational services
  • Religious, grant making, civic, professional

After completing an associate's degree in performing arts, you may opt to further your education by enrolling in a bachelor's degree program. These programs will allow you to acquire advanced level of training and knowledge.


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