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Doctoral in Tax Preparation

Students who want to benefit from some of the most rewarding opportunities in the field of accounting can enroll in a PhD in taxation. The ones who are keen on studying taxation as part of a postgraduate program can check out a number of doctorate programs in accounting. These advanced modes of academic research basically prepare students to make valuable contributions in accounting and taxation related analyses. A number of regular as well as online institutions offer these degrees and help students find the most lucrative job opportunities in accounting.

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The Doctorate in Taxation Program
Doctorate programs in taxation and accounting focus on conducting research in these areas of study. They help students develop research skills as well enable them to do critical thinking that will help them in managing the existing and future matters in the world of accounting. Additionally, this program also helps students know about the connection between regular accounting procedures and financial reporting. Learners will also come to know about the advanced concepts of finance, statistical data and decision theory.

Students in these programs also need to opt for an area of study for dissertation and research. They can opt for areas of study such as the understanding how federal regulations impact accounting information economically.

Admissions Requirements
To enroll in a PhD in taxation, students must possess a relevant undergraduate degree. Some programs also require students to hold a master's degree. Earning a master of business administration can also help students enroll in these advanced programs. Having an understanding of higher-level mathematics such as probability, calculus and statistical analysis is also important to enroll in doctorate programs in taxation. Other requirements for admissions may vary by school.

Curriculum in PhD in Taxation
The major part of PhD programs in taxation comprise of research. Students perform individual research and also learn various aspects of advance accounting, finance and taxation such as research models, financial reporting, become informed about economics in accounting, accounting research and empirical methodology.

Career Prospects
Students who earn a PhD degree in taxation can find various lucrative employment opportunities in college circles. Depending on their own career objectives, they can choose to work as a corporate accounting consultant, financial analyst, a government researcher or a university dean. Taxation graduates with doctorate degrees can earn from $65,000 to $144,000 on an annual basis. The job type, workplace, experience and area of expertise are some of the factors that can help to determine the exact salary of individuals having this advanced degree in accounting.

Online PhD Programs in Taxation
Students who want to earn a doctorate in taxation in a convenient manner can enroll in online programs. The online PhD degrees features a comprehensive core curriculum focused on research, technology, scholarly writing as well as a global perspective. By acquiring advanced knowledge in research, practice, and education in accounting through the online mode of learning, students can gain a thorough understanding of how accounting practice works without going through much hassle. As classes in the online programs are managed remotely, they can be highly suitable for working professionals who cannot manage enrolling in regular degrees due to their busy personal or professional routine.

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