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Taxation is one of the most important areas of business accounting and deals with local, state, and federal tax regulations. These regulations have a huge impact on all business organizations and communities. Taxation has evolved into a separate branch of accounting and is pursued by many as a specialization area. Having skilled individuals working in the taxation field is necessary to maintain financial stability. Taxation professionals can provide valuable advice and expert knowledge to all kinds of clients.

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Associate Degree in Taxation
There are plenty of degree programs available at the post-secondary level which allow students to specialize in taxation. Each of these programs has separate requirements. The three main degree programs a student can opt for include an associate degree in taxation, a bachelor degree in taxation, and a master's degree in taxation.

An associate degree in taxation is the most basic educational program available in this area. Many accounting colleges and schools offer this program. The core aim of an associate degree in taxation is to prepare students for their role as taxation specialists. The curriculum entails a number of introductory subjects and advanced subjects. Some subjects studied in this program have been listed below:

  • Corporate Management Principles
  • Business Communications
  • Individual Taxation
  • Payroll and Local Taxes
  • Information Systems
  • Federal Tax Regulations
  • Business Law and Economics
  • Financial Records
Taxation associate degree programs also teach business and math subjects, along with social science subjects. It is important for students to understand areas related to the field of taxation, and how changes in taxation affect business strategies. An associate degree can help prepare for further education in the field such as enrollment in a bachelor degree in taxation.

To apply for this program, students must have completed high school education first. Without a high school diploma, college level education cannot be pursued. Associate degrees are now available online as well. Students no longer have to be physically present in classrooms to acquire education. Distant learning has helped make higher education a reality for many students all over the world.

Career Prospects
An associate degree in taxation can lead to a number of entry level job positions in organizations. Students can seek employment in federal agencies as well as privately run firms. One of the most common jobs available to students with associate degrees in accounting is that of a tax accountant. This professional can work from home, in a tax agency, or in a financial department of a firm. The core duties of tax accountants are to advise clients about business planning and calculate tax returns. Many families and individuals seek the services of tax specialists and accountants for tax payments. On the other hand, firms and organizations often hire tax accountants to manage employee payrolls.

The income level for tax accountants ranges between $20,000 and $35,000 per year. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a steady increase in demand for such professionals. Students who have an interest in accounting and numbers can pursue this rewarding career and climb up the corporate ladder.

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