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A certificate in Microsoft certified skills provides students with a variety of IT skills that may help them add value to their career profile and find work opportunities.  Students who want to acquire basic computer skills or those who seek advanced knowledge in IT applications can pursue these programs. Learners get a chance to develop competence in a technical subject or application and become competent professionals. They may also stay updated with the current trends in the industry by earning a Microsoft certificate.

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Types of Microsoft Certifications

There are a number of certificates offered by Microsoft. These certifications fall under the categories of Desktop Support, Technology, Professional, Master, and Architect. In each category students can choose a certificate in a specific area that requires candidates to pass an exam.

Desktop Support Certificate Programs

Desktop Support certification helps students demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Students can work towards certifications such as Microsoft Office Specialist or Microsoft Certified Application Professional.

Professional Series Certificate Programs

Professional Series certificates are designed for those seek a broad skill set. Students can pursue a Microsoft Certified IT Professional or a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer certification. The MCITP certification will make you qualified to work with specific Microsoft technologies. The MCPD certification shows competency as a developer for Visual Studio and .NET Framework. In addition to passing the certification exam, one must also have technology specialist certification.

Technology Certificate Programs

IT professionals who are interested in system maintenance or repair fields can benefit from a range of technology-specific Microsoft certifications. The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist technical certification is available in several areas such as SharePoint services, .NET Framework and SQL Server.

Master Series Certificate Programs

The Master Series certificate programs are useful for the ones who want to specialize in specific technologies. By pursuing this program, students can earn the title of a Microsoft Certified Master.

Architect Series Certificate Programs

The highest level of certification by Microsoft, the Architect Series, is meant for candidates with prior experience in IT architecture and seeking to enhance their skill. The ones who want to become MCAs (Microsoft Certified Architects) generally have 10 or more years of experience in IT, plus five or more years of systems architecture experience.

Third Party Certificate Programs

Microsoft also offers trainings through third-party vendors. These certificate programs include training on creating rules, alerts, charts, etc. and other forms for training that help candidates use Microsoft products.

Career Opportunities

Candidates who complete a certification from Microsoft may possibly pursue a variety of career paths, such as technical support engineer, network administrator, systems analyst, network systems analyst or consultant. They may also qualify to work as data entry operators, information desk clerks or office administrators.

Employment of network and computer systems administrators is projected to grow 12% from 2012 to 2022 and the median annual wage for these professionals was $75,790 in 2014. Jobs for computer support specialists are also projected to grow 17% over the same period. The median annual pay for computer support specialists was $47,660 in 2014 (BLS).

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the different types of Certificate In Microsoft technology available to students?

A:There are a few popular Microsoft certificates available to students. These include the following: Microsoft certified master certificate, Microsoft certified professional certificate, Microsoft certified IT Professional certificate, Microsoft technology certificate, and Microsoft assistant technology certificate. These short certifications open the doors to a number of well paying Microsoft careers which are well recognized.

Q:What are the key benefits of acquiring microsoft certification training?

A:Microsoft Certification Training program enables students to possess IT skills relevant to microsft and become competent professionals. The program also provides students with in depth knowledge of the current IT trends and also remain upto date with the emerging technology. Students will become highly trained in their field of specialization and can pursue a successful career with this certification.

Q:DETC was mentioned when searching for certification in Microsoft. What is the purpose of this organization?

A:There is a possibility of DETC being mentioned when searching for certification in Microsoft. DETC stands for Distance Education and Training Council. The main purpose of this organization is to standardize and accredit online educational programs. This organization is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the Department of Education. There are a number of institutions accredited by the DETC on our website, students are advised to have a look.

Q:What are the benfits of attaining microsoft certifications through online schools?

A:Microsoft Certifications can be earned through online schools and colleges. There are a number of benefits that only online education can provide. They have been mentioned here: flexibility of time, no time restraints due to classes, less cost as compared to campus programs, no travelling required, one can study from their home, one can pursue jobs or part time employment.

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