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Introduction to Microsoft ProgramsIn today’s world, computers play a central role in our lives and are essential for a number of everyday activities. From communication to entertainment to business – computers are used in virtually every activity. Over the past decade or so, the Internet has revolutionized the world, providing an easy medium to share information and connect and communicate with others. The role of computers in every industry, from aviation to healthcare, is increasing day by day and the IT industry is guaranteed to see tremendous growth in the coming years. A Bachelor in Microsoft degree is a great way to take advantage of this growth and obtain the theoretical and practical knowledge required to proficiently use the latest technologies and work efficiently in the challenging IT sector. 

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What are the admission requirements and courses included in a Bachelor in Microsoft?
The admission requirements for a Bachelor in Microsoft include a high school diploma or GED, with the study of a computer related subject at high school level. Microsoft Bachelor programs can be completed online or on-campus classes, or through a combination of the two, in around four years. The degree starts off with courses such as Basic Computer Science, Introduction to Information Systems, Business Operations Practices, Web Development and Networking. As the degree continues, students take courses in Programming, Systems Design, Implementation, and Maintenance, Application Development, Management Information Systems, Network Design and Administration, Database Management, and Web Development. Over the course of the Bachelor of Microsoft program, students regularly receive practical instruction and do lab work, which includes different software and hardware related work including system and network setup, troubleshooting and maintenance.

What are the future prospects?
The IT industry is one of the fastest growing around the globe, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an increase of 30 percent in employment opportunities through 2018, which is one of the highest among all industries. Bachelor in Microsoft graduates can obtain work in the telecommunications or IT sector, educational or financial organizations, government agencies or private businesses as network administrators, database administrators, and communications analysts. 

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