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Bachelor in Material Sciences

Students in Bachelor in Material Sciences program learn about synthetic materials from a chemical, compositional and structural viewpoint. They also come to know how to analyze materials with regard to their effectiveness and function. Academic research and hands-on laboratory experimentation is an important part of this degree program.

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Bachelor in Material Sciences Program
Bachelor in Material Sciences degree span over 3-4 years. Regular as well as online institutes offer these training programs. Enrolling in the online programs helps students to study from any location and at the timings that suit them. Students in this program learn about man-made, manufactured materials from a design, structural and compositional stance. Learners also develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

Eligibility Requirements
To get into Bachelor of Material Sciences degree, students must hold a high school diploma or GED. Other requirements for admission may vary by school.

Coursework in Bachelor in Material Sciences
Students in Material Sciences bachelors program study a number of topics. Some of them include:

  • Polymers and materials engineering
  • Principles of bonding in materials science and engineering
  • Metallurgy and materials science
  • Thermodynamics

Students also get to know the basics of materials characterization, electricity and magnetism in addition to properties of ceramics and ceramic engineering.

Career Opportunities
Students who complete Bachelor in material sciences program can work in a number of fields like automotive engineering and design in addition to electronic materials and design. They can also find employment in aerospace engineering and design as well as product manufacturing depending on their own choice.

Continuing Education
Students who earn Bachelor in material sciences can continue their studies to improve their career opportunities by enrolling in master’s degree in this concentration. The ones who earn this advanced degree can find managerial or supervisory positions. It will also help students to have the most rewarding employment opportunities in this field specialization and get competitive wages. Other than the regular institutes, master’s degree in material sciences is also offered by online colleges that are highly flexible and more affordable than the regular degrees.

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