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Manufacturing is the process of utilizing machinery, labor, and tools to come up with a product typically for domestic, commercial, industrial or scientific or military use. The various manufacturing subsectors involve a lot of different processes which transform raw materials into finished products. An academic education relevant to the field of manufacturing trains the students in developing an understanding at handling the respective manufacturing processes and troubleshooting problems, so that the maximum output is achieved through the use of minimum resources, both human and physical.

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Master in Manufacturing
The Master in Manufacturing is a professional degree that helps students in gaining hands-on experience alongside studying all the theoretical concepts and historical background in detail. The degree also offers courses which equip students with knowledge of the latest technology which can be used to enhance the manufacturing process. The master in manufacturing offers a combination of courses which include core ones as well as electives. Core courses give students the basic level information about manufacturing whereas electives are specialized courses depending on the chosen specialty. The master manufacturing degree can be opted in the following specialties:

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Manufacturing Technology

The master's degree in manufacturing is typically a two-year degree program. However, most of the students applying for graduate level programs are employed and wish to gain further education without giving up their current employment. For students who want to complete the degree at their own pace, they can get enrolled in the online master in Manufacturing.

Eligibility Criteria
The master's program in manufacturing requires students to have typically acquired a bachelor's degree in manufacturing or a related area of specialization from an accredited institute. They might also be required to submit letters of recommendations and /or a certificate showing some level of work experience.

Career Prospects
Manufacturing engineering degree holders are in good stead from benefitting from a good number of growth-oriented and challenging jobs once they enter the workforce. They can work as plant engineers, facility engineers, process engineers, or the director of the department of manufacturing engineering in any industry. Career prospects are expected to grow in the coming years. According to O*NET, those with a master's degree and working as general and operations managers and manufacturing engineers have the potential to earn six-figure salaries, what with the respective median annual wages being $95,440 and $92,030 respectively.

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