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Bachelor in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the process through which labor, tools and machinery are used to convert raw material into a finished product. The field of manufacturing is quite vast as it includes all sorts of manufacturing from natural products to technological and mechanical manufacturing. There are various forms of manufacturing where the finished product is either sold directly to the consumers or sold to retailers who later pass it on to consumers. A lot of the manufacturing industry also sells off to other manufacturers who then create a more value-added product by using the parts manufactured by another company. The manufacturing sector usually witnesses consistent activity, which is why Manufacturing Bachelor Programs  are generally quite popular among students.

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Bachelor in Manufacturing Degrees
Bachelor in Manufacturing degree may take 3-4 years to complete, though it can also take less or more. It is offered by a good number of colleges and universities in the US. This degree trains learners in all aspects of manufacturing and prepares them for a career in the manufacturing industry. As manufacturing is a vast field which is closely connected to engineering, a student can choose some of the following specializations for their Bachelor of Manufacturing degree: 

·  Pharmaceutical
·  Telecommunications
·  Industrial design
·  Electronics
·  Transportation
·  Engineering
·  Food and Beverage
·  Metalworking
·  Textile manufacturing
·  Construction
·  Pulp and paper industry
·  Plastics

 Once a learner has chosen their specialization, they will be studying some of the following subjects: 
·  Mass production
·  Agile manufacturing
·  Mass customization
·  Lean manufacturing
·  Rapid manufacturing
·  Just In Time manufacturing
·  Flexible manufacturing
Further Studies and Career Opportunities
After completing a Bachelor in Manufacturing degree, a learner may choose to continue their education by enrolling in a master’s degree program which can then be followed by a doctoral degree. Graduates can also choose to join the workforce straight away and be potentially considered for various career opportunities in varied fields of the manufacturing industry, depending on their specialization. With a Bachelor in Manufacturing degree you have a good chance of building up a career as a manufacturing engineering technologist or a manufacturing engineer, which according to O*NET, have median annual salaries of $59,440 and $92,030 respectively as of 2012.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the curriculum like of a bs in manufacturing degree?

A:A BS degree in manufacturing is a bachelor level degree that focuses on the production process and design. Students who wish to become production managers can take this degree and prepare for the career. Some of the course contents include post sale service, product designing methodology, material and input, product engineering, technology and integration, and manufacturing engineering.

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