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Certificate in Drafting

A certificate in drafting can be useful for those seeking entry-level positions in the field. Graduates can choose from a variety of career paths including civil, mechanical, electronic, or architectural drafters.

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Certificate in Drafting

Students interested in pursuing a drafting certificate can get into the campus-based or online schools and acquire skill that may help them build a career in drafting. The certificate programs generally last for 6 months to 1 year. The enrollment status of the students determines the program’s duration, that can be shorter or longer.

Program Coursework

A certificate program in drafting will help students cover topics such as principles of design, basic drawing and CADD technology. The program may also provide instruction in 3D courseware and engineering and software implementation. Going through this curriculum allows students to learn how to prepare technical drawings and use tables, handbooks and other visual aids. Candidates also get a chance to acquire communication and team building skills essential for drafters.

Admissions Requirements

To enroll in a drafting certificate program, students must hold a high school diploma.They must also possess basic computer and Internet skills. Besides, candidates should have good visualization skills.

Online Certificate in Drafting

Students who want to get into the field of drafting by earning a certificate can also take the online classes. There are plenty of technical schools that offer certificate programs in this area of study in an online format. Students in the online certificate course get a chance to study using a number of learning tools including emails, chat forums, online libraries and video conferencing. They can also get in touch with the instructors using the web technologies and complete a certificate program at their own pace.

Career Prospects

Graduatesof a certificate in drafting can find entry-level jobs in a number of industries including construction, architectural, engineering, cartography, working with global mapping projects such as those that use Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  and related services. Opportunities are also available in manufacturing. Candidates may choose to become a mechanical, civil or architectural drafter. As of 2012, the median annual wage for drafters was $49,630, according to the BLS.

These professionals are generally required to work in office settings but sometimes they need to visit project sites to collaborate with engineers and architects.Career prospects for mechanical drafters should be best in large manufacturing hubs, the BLS noted.

According to O*Net, the employment of related professions such as Cartographers and Photogrammetrists is projected to grow from 15% to 21% from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations. For this reason, entering this career can be a smart career choice.


Students who complete a certificate in drafting can build upon their knowledge by working towards an associate degree. Most employers prefer to hire candidates with an associate degree in drafting from a technical institute or community college, the BLS reported.

Certifications are also available in this area of study that can help students demonstrate their skill in a specialty area in drafting. The American Design Drafting Association offers certification options for drafters and helps candidates acquire knowledge of nationally recognized practices.

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