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Doctoral in Design

Over the past few years, there has been a renewed interest in both design research and contemporary design practices all around the world. The media is partly responsible for the general publics and especially student’s newfound fascination with the subject and its importance in today’s environment. Design as a medium helps in streamlining our environment, helps improve the quality of our lives and improves the way we function.  Design as an industry is quite challenging and has a history of attracting the most inquisitive and talented individuals. The industry on its own is not only responsible for enriching our lives, it also contributes handsomely to gross domestic product and provides employment for millions. This industry’s recent popularity is one of the main reasons why record numbers of students in the United States are opting for design doctoral programs.

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Doctorate in Design
Although not quite as popular as its contemporaries, Doctoral of design programs are generally offered at specialized educational institutions. The program includes a variety of subjects that help students in understanding the core concepts behind design and its related fields. Some of the topics covered in this program are

  • Processes of Design Practice
  • Innovation and Sustainability in design
  • Redesigning processes
  • Visual Communication concepts
  • Technological collaboration

The above mentioned are just some of the courses covered in this program. A number of online educational institutes are also offering this qualification as part of their distance learning program.

The Ideal Participant
The doctoral in design qualification require students to have a rare of quality of looking for solutions to complex problems by being creative. This qualification is ideally for individuals who enjoy critical thinking and are passionate about design. These professionals need to have excellent communication skills and need to have an astute sense of their environment and surroundings. The importance of innovation cannot be stressed enough as professionals in this industry are required to provide solutions on a daily basis. Professionals with the above mentioned characteristics can find themselves employed in upper level management as strategic planners, market innovators and global community project managers. 

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