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Washington is the 18th most extensive state located on the west coast. This state was named after George Washington and is also nicknamed as “the Evergreen State”. There are many large industries that form a diverse economy here. The government of Washington has developed a complex yet sound infrastructure that caters to the needs of the local residents. With a robust economy, Washington has created millions of jobs over the recent decades, and has pushed the need for higher education. Providing quality education to individuals is the key to building a skilled workforce and output. Therefore a number of government boards have been set up that work towards making college education accessible and affordable for everyone.

The state is home to a number of nationally recognized universities and colleges. These can be divided into private universities and public universities. The Washington State Board of Education is the main governmental body that oversees the higher education system in the state. This board is run by members who are elected by the Governor of the state. Improving educational services and facilities is the main aim of the board.

Colleges in Washington

Students in Washington are encouraged to seek higher education and pursue their academic goals. Many universities and colleges here offer degree programs in a many diverse academic disciplines. It is important that universities upgrade their curriculums and program offerings on a timely basis. Degree programs are offered at the graduate, undergraduate, and post-graduate level. Most careers require at least a bachelor degree. Apart from the traditional degree programs, students can also seek career certifications from vocational schools and training centers.

As industries are expanding, many new academic concentrations are being added to the field. Students in Washington can pursue education in almost any field of their interest. Some commonly pursued areas include business administration, law, nursing, designing, architecture, computer science, information technology, healthcare administration, and more.

Online education has changed the way we learn in today's modern era. Keeping in mind the growing popularity and demand of online programs, the education board of Washington is promoting online education on a wide scale. This mode of learning has allowed students to conveniently pursue college degrees.

Accreditation and Facilities

Accreditation is one the most important points to check before enrolling in any college. The Higher Education Commission has authorized a number of regional boards to accredit and approve educational services all across the nation. Universities in Washington are accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). Along with regional accreditation, students can also check the programmatic accreditation as well. This form of accreditation is a type of quality assurance that applies to programs. Schools that are accredited have access to federal student aid. This means students in need of monetary assistance can seek help in the form of federal student loans, grants, and scholarships.

Schools in Washington offer a range of educational facilities to students. Many institutes are fully equipped with state-of-the-art learning labs, libraries, computer labs, and other facilities. However, these may vary from school to school.

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