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Law Schools in Washington

Named after the first president of the country, Washington is a US state that is well-known for its diverse industries. Two of its major sectors are the aerospace and computer hardware and software. Microsoft and Boeing both have their offices in Washington. Hydroelectric power and tourism are also among its other prominent industries.

Law Schools in Washington
Washington is home to several law schools that prepare students to enter the legal world. All law schools in the state are accredited by the American Bar Association and make excellent institutes to pursue a legal education. The extraordinary faculty, modern learning methodologies and an academic environment conducive to learning makes these institutes ideal for earning a law degree.

Types of Programs
The law schools in Washington all offer Juris Doctor Degrees. They also offer a variety of post-graduate programs such as master's degree programs as well as Doctor of Juridical degree. Students can pursue programs in intellectual property law, international law, and procurement law.

In addition to the J.D. degree, the law schools in the state also offer joint degrees combining the degree with master's degrees in a wide array of disciplines such as public policy, business administration, international relations and more.

Online programs are also available in the field of law. The ones who are already doing part-time or full-time jobs can pursue a degree online and switch careers without making major changes to their routine.

Admissions Requirements
The bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university is required to pursue a program at the law schools in Washington. Candidates may also have to pass an admissions test, in addition to LSAT exam. Other admissions-related factors may vary by school or program.

Career Outlook
The demand is soaring for lawyers across the nation, making this line of work a good career option for the ones who want to build themselves up professionally. Lawyers can find jobs in various settings such as legal services or finance and insurance companies. Compensation of these legal experts depends on various factors such as the job location, area of expertise and size of employer.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are law schools Washington accredited or not?

A:You will have to conduct a search to find out which law schools in Washington are accredited or not. These schools are accredited regionally and programmatically. A number of online sites provide information about rankings of law schools in various states. You can also check out page to find out more about law schools and their program offerings.

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