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The colleges in Indiana offer academic programs for students with diverse career goals including the associate, bachelor's, post-bachelor's certificate, master's, post-master's certificate and doctorate. With locations across the state, these schools have programs in law, liberal arts, health, and technology among other areas of study. Their vibrant environments foster learning and provide ample opportunities for students to pursue their educational and professional goals within and outside the classrooms. Besides, students can also enjoy a life enriching experience through arts, entertainment, sports and outdoor adventure programs.

Types of Schools in Indiana

The state of Indiana has several post-secondary institutes, ranging from public four-year colleges/universities to technical colleges and private colleges/universities to vocational schools. Many traditional schools also offer online learning opportunities that can be useful for working adults, students with physical disabilities and stay-at-home parents.

Programs of Study

Indiana colleges and universities offer degree, diploma and certificate programs. Students can take day, evening or weekend classes. Some of the popular majors at Indianan schools are business, management, marketing, communication, journalism, public administration, social services, education and social sciences.

Online Schools in Indiana

Students who want to study on their own terms can enroll in the online degree or certificate programs in Indiana schools. Certificates, associate, bachelor, master as well as professional and doctoral programs are offered at these schools in almost all concentrations. Students can take courses in subjects such as management, law, business, teaching, engineering and arts. Online programs are also available in design, technology, health care, and other areas of study.

These programs can be useful for those who seek an undergraduate degree to possibly lead towards a career path, as well as professionals who wish to earn a master's degree to enhance their knowledge. Course objectives, learning outcomes and assignments are the same for online and on-site courses but the method of delivery is different. Students can participate in virtual classrooms and study via computer. Books are delivered directly to students' home and learners get access to online library support and online support services.

Financial Aid

Students enrolled in colleges in Indiana can benefit from several types of financial aid programs. Grants, scholarships, student loans and work study are some of the funding options that can make an education in this state's colleges affordable.

Students can apply for grants such as Pell grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Indiana State Grants or Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant. Student loans are also available. Some of the popular loan programs for students in Indiana schools are William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan, Graduate PLUS Federal Direct Loan, and Parent PLUS Federal Direct Loan.

Recreational Opportunities

Schools in Indiana support learning through academic as well as recreational opportunities. Students may get a chance to enjoy outdoor activities such as boating, caving, and rock and gorge climbing trips and also participate in a variety of events including family day, homecoming, spring week and more. The colleges and universities in the state provide co-curricular involvement and leadership opportunities as well.

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