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Trade Schools in Indiana

If you want to pursue a vocational training program in Indiana, you can find a wide range of trade schools that can help you acquire the skills that can be useful to pursue various job opportunities. The trade schools in Indiana offer certificate and degree programs in several fields through traditional as well as distance-learning courses.

Trade Schools in Indiana

There are several training programs offered at the trade schools in Indiana. Some programs lead to a certificate while others help students acquire a degree. Students can pursue courses in automotive technology, construction, design, aviation, and early childhood education and health services. Programs are also available in Information Technology including certifications in Cisco, IT security, Microsoft and web design as well as medical information with courses in transcription and billing and coding among other options. Getting into the programs offered at the trade schools in Indiana gives students a chance to acquire career-relevant skills.

Courses are also available in business, nursing, early childhood education, health care and wellness, and criminal justice. Some trade schools offer certifications for working professionals and help them improve their career prospects. The wide range of programs allows students to pick a program that best meets their educational and professional goals.

Online Programs

Some trade schools in Indiana also offer courses in the online format. Those who want to study from remote locations can enroll in the online degree or certificate programs. By reducing the need to travel, online education helps cut down on extra costs. The use of several learning technologies helps candidates participate in group discussions, communicate with instructors and submit assignments.

As these programs are self-paced, they can be particularly useful for those who are into full-time jobs and cannot make it to traditional vocational programs due to their busy work schedules. Stay-at-home parents can also enroll in the online training programs and continue their education alongside managing their personal responsibilities.

Admissions Requirements

A high school diploma or GED is required to enroll in a program offered at the trade schools. Other requirements for admissions may vary by school or type of program.

Employment Opportunities

Earning a degree or certificate from a trade school may help students acquire knowledge and skills that may lead to several career opportunities. Students may become graphic designers, photographers, actors or nurses.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment opportunities for graphic designers, photographers, pc repairers as well as nurses are expected to grow from 2012 to 2022.

Compensation depends on a number of factors including location, qualification and experience. As reported by BLS, the median annual wage for licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses in 2012 was $41,540 and the median annual wage for graphic designers was $44,150.

Finding a School

To find the most suitable trade school in Indiana, students need to explore all their options. They should see to the accreditation as well as the type of programs available at these schools and make a comparison. Besides, they should also find out about the fee structure and program format so that they may enroll in a program that meets their individual career and educational goals.


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