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Engineering Schools in Indiana

Located in the Midwestern and Great Lakes regions, Indiana has a diverse economy. Manufacturing, transportation and service are some of its top industries. The “Hoosier State” is also home to several prominent colleges and universities that offer certificates and degrees in various areas. Students with diverse goals can pursue programs in the field of their choice and possibly develop long-term careers. Those who are interested in the field of engineering can also find a number of schools in the state that can help them work towards having a career as an engineer.

Engineering jobs can provide an environment for working in an area of your interests as well as job satisfaction. This line of work can be particularly suitable for students who are interested in mathematics and the ones who have good analytical skills. The employment for biomedical engineers is expected to grow by 27% from 2012 to 2022, as according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Mechanical engineering is another suitable line of work that has been characterized as one of the Best Technology Jobs according to the U.S News and World Report.

Engineering Schools in Indiana

The engineering schools in the state of Indiana offer programs in various fields of engineering. Students can work towards the associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree in an area of their choice and acquire the skills necessary for a career in engineering. These schools have well-experienced faculty with wide expertise in their respective fields. Students who cannot pay for an engineering program out of their own pocket can also look for a financial aid option offered at Indiana’s engineering schools.

Most entry-level jobs in the field of engineering require students to hold a bachelor's degree. The ones who aspire to work towards senior-level positions should consider earning a master’s degree. PhD programs are suitable for students interested in research and teaching jobs.

Types of Programs

There are various degrees students can choose from in the engineering schools in Indiana. They can pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in nuclear, computer hardware, electrical, industrial and biomedical engineering.

Career Outlook

Engineers can work in a number of industries including architectural, engineering, and related services. Opportunities are also available in scientific and technical consulting services as well as medical equipment and supplies manufacturing.

The income of engineers varies, and depends on the location, area of expertise and experience. Where biomedical engineers earned a median annual salary $86,960, mechanical engineers earned $80,580 in May 2012, as reported by the BLS. Civil engineers made a median wage of $79,340 a year while the median salary of chemical engineers was $94,350 on an annual basis in May 2012.

Choosing a School

While selecting schools, you should also try to find out its general ranking and accreditation. You should opt for a school that has an experience faculty and programs that suit your personal and professional goals. Thus, it is important to find out the type of programs they offer, their duration and fee structure. Additionally, find out about the financial aid options so that you may know if you can get funding to pursue a higher education in engineering or not.


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